June 15, 2010

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 06/09/10

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Written by: Arnab
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Hey guys, it’s time for another dose of DC reviews! There are only two issues this week, but with the epic Batman #700, who could want more?

Batman #700
Writer: Grant Morrison
Artist(s): Tony Daniel, Frank Quitely, Scott Kolins, Andy Kubert, David Finch, and Richard Friend
Cover Artist: David Finch
Publisher: DC

What a fantastic way to have celebrated the 700th issue of this title! This particular issue is separated into four parts, dictated by the time frame: “Yesterday,” “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “And Tomorrow…” While the underlying story weaved throughout the book, each time period brought its own appeal. The Bruce and Dick as Batman and Robin scene was a nice homage to the original duo, while the Dick and Damian scene showed a nice contrast between the way things were and the way things are now. Whether or not stories set in the future handicap the present, the Damian Batman of the future does present an intriguing take on an established identity. Coupled with an amazing gallery of artwork as well as an in depth look at the Batcave, this issue did a remarkable job in commemorating this epic event! Be sure to check out the in-depth review of the issue by Aron, here, and also check out Andrew Hurst’s recaps of the last 100 issues of Batman: part 1 and part 2. 4.5/5

Batgirl #11
Bryan Q. Miller
Artist(s): Lee Garbett and Jonathan Glapion
Cover Artist: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Publisher: DC

Gotham City has been taken over by a swarm of techno-zombies and with Oracle being captured it’s up to Batgirl to save the day! The issue starts off with the first of many trips into Oracle’s mind, which in my opinion are the best parts; From her perception of family life, to the Calculator appearing in his Joker guise, to the revelation of just how strong-willed she is, and finally to Oracle breaking through their mental bond, this portion of the issue did well to highlight all the aspects that make up Oracle. Outside her mind, Batgirl takes on Catwoman, Huntress, and Man-Bat, who have all been manipulated by the techno-virus. And while Stephanie Brown’s ability to outfight these guys and survive is debatable, her ability to outmaneuver them, as well as Wendy’s future role in the series, proves to be fairly interesting. Overall, not a great read but then again not a terrible read either. 3/5

Arnab Pradhan



  1. Yeah, BATMAN #700 was awesome. I want to see future Damian at least get his own mini at some point.

    As for BATGIRL…I love Steph, but this story line is weird. I’m just sick of the Calculator. I know he’s to Babs what The Joker is to Batman, but enough already! Put this guy away!

    Also, what’s with all the X-Men references in BATGIRL? The “techno-virus” (like the Techno Organic Virus), and sound effect like “BAMF” and “SNIKT” are being used all over the place. It’s…odd.

  2. When I can take a step back from my Grant Morrison bias, I have to say I enjoyed Batman 700. I did not so much like Damian as Batman, but that’s because I hate Damian. I thought it was cool though to see Batman through the ages, and the Batcave diagram was neat, too.

  3. Aron

    I also like Steph and the Batgirl character, but I can’t get into this book. I liked Cassandra a lot more. She was a total badass. I read the first two issues and dumped it. Then I gave it another shot with the beginning of this story line, but then dumped it again. Oh well. Maybe someday they will combine this cool character with a cool story.

  4. I’m all for a future Damian mini-series. However, I think I’d like it better if it was outside of continuity. I’m still not sold on the idea of stories that are set in the future, especially when there will be multiple writers involved.

    As for Batgirl. Prior to the series I didn’t particular know the character Stephanie Brown all to well. My main reason in picking up the series was for Barbara. But with Birds of Prey out, I don’t see myself keeping up with this series once this story line is over.

  5. Billy

    Nice reviews! **Note to self- Don’t buy Batgirl.**

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by argnarb, Comic Attack. Comic Attack said: An all new CRISIS OF INFINITE REVIEWS spotlights #Batman and #Batgirl! #comics #DC […]

  7. Agreed about Damian Batman having serious potential. Also, Steph as Batgirl might be one of my fav characters in comics right now. Shes just so darn cute.

  8. Aron

    **Note to Billy- DO buy Birds of Prey, even if you don’t get a sweet deal on it.**

  9. Anisa

    I’m not a fan of Batgirl at all and am glad that Arnab’s dropping it after #12.

    Batman #700 was heaps of fun. I definitely enjoyed all parts of the issue, except that the “And Tomorrow…” part confused me. I didn’t realize that Morrison was showing future Batman after future Batman after future Batman. I also loved the gallery of artwork at the end, a lot of it was damn awesome stuff.

  10. What’s with the Steph hate?

    : (

    Her book isn’t THAT bad. A little campy for a Bat-book, sure, but it’s still enjoyable.

    I’ve loved Steph as a character since her first appearance as Spoiler waaaaay back in Detective Comics #647. She’s been through a lot, and it’s nice to see her character really develop in this series. She’s gotten much more confident in herself and it seems to have boosted her fighting skills a bit. Plus, she’s not so depressed over Tim anymore, which is nice.

  11. You’re right Andy, it’s not that bad a book. Overall it’s had some pretty good things going for it.

    I haven’t had that much history with Stephanie Brown. In fact, my first reading of her was this series. And while I can’t comment on her past skills, she’s definitely got some mad fighting skills. But while the series hasn’t been bad, it hasn’t been great either. I’m not saying I’m done with Steph forever, but I did start reading this series for Oracle, which I can now get in Birds of Prey which looks to be a good read.

    Hey, if issue #12 is great I might change my mind.

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