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June 12, 2010

Princess Powerful Attacks: Ghost Whisperer

Issue #4, Cover A

Title: Ghost Whisperer
Writer: Becca Smith & Carrie Smith
Art: Lara West
Color: Matteo Gherardi
Letter: Chris Mowry (#1); Neil Uyetake (#2); Robbie Robbins (#3-5)
Cover: #1- Joselle Ho, Lara West; Retail Incentive; #2- Joselle Ho, Lara West, Retail Incentive; #3- Brian Miller, Retail Incentive; #4- Joselle Ho, Retail Incentive Cover; #5- Brian Miller
Issues: #1-5
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Pages: 32
Price: $3.99
Release Date: March-July 2008

Ghost Whisperer focuses on Melinda Gordon who has the ability of seeing and communicating with the dead. She uses her gift to help spirits so they can cross over and have a peaceful afterlife.

It’s just another day for Melinda as she helps earthbound spirits crossover.  Osiris, an Egyptian God of the Dead impersonator,  is lending out his power to souls whom he intends to keep for himself.  It’s up to Melinda to help cross over the Osiris impersonator and the rest of the troubled souls.

Ghost Whisperer was compiled into a trade paper back entitled Ghost Whisperer: The Haunting later in 2008.  The story was set between Season 2 and Season 3 with an adaptations of only familiar faces and relationships.

Ghost Whisperer had an interesting concept, but had a few short comings;  It felt too easy for Melinda to solve the problems of the spirits she was helping; The story would have been better if scenes were edited, or extended; The story had a spelling error! It’s always shocking to see them in professionally published books.

These very masculine-looking women don't know, sorry.

Another problem I came across was the artwork. The combination of weak references and referred stock image made the comic book covers look awkward.  Melinda’s head stood differently than her body and the environment looked odd.  Although the artist was good,  every female character was drawn very masculine and they failed to capture the main cast’s representation.  It looked unprofessional when Melinda’s character design constantly changed after each issue.  It would have been better to remain consistent with the design even though it wasn’t perfected.  Lastly, every character remained apathetic if their speech implied that they were emoting their feelings.

Ghost Whisperer was an okay comic book that I wouldn’t recommend to others unless they can over look its errors.

Ghost Whisperer was created by John Gray on September 23, 2005 for CBS.  The series was cancelled in May of this year, so it’s still up in the air if another network will pick it up for its 6th season.

Princess Powerful



  1. I know nothing about this show, and I see the comic sitting on the shelf of my store…but I’ve never opened it. To be blunt, the covers just really turned me off.

    And you’re right- those gals do look like dudes in drag.

    : /

  2. The show is surprisingly addictive. I’m still watching it long after 1 episode. However, I will stay clear of the comic books as I’m sure I’ll be seriously disappointed.

  3. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by rodmckie and Comic Attack, Poison Girl. Poison Girl said: RT @ComicAttack Hey Jennifer Love Hewitt fans: Have you checked out the #GhostWhisperer comic book? http://dld.bz/gNmY #comics […]

  4. never seen the show or did I have any interest to. And in that pic that is one awkward looking side boob on the more manly looking woman in pink.

  5. Billy

    Did someone say Jenifer Love Hewitt? 😉

  6. Aron

    I used to dig the show but then it got really weird. Even for the subject matter, it got weird. My daughter loves the show, too. I started buying this comic for her. It’s the only comics I can get her to read. Two series, I think she’s read. Are there more?

    A while back I saw from IDW, Jennifer Love Hewitt Presents: The Box (or something like that). I almost picked it up for her, but it was all about the boinkin’ and stuff. I’m glad I flipped through it before I bought it. A 12 year-old didn’t need that. ha!

  7. No, there’s only 2 series for Ghost Whisperer. 🙁 There’s tons of novelizations based on the show, maybe she’ll like them 🙂

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