June 10, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Iron Man Noir #3

Iron Man Noir #3
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Scott Snyder
Art: Manuel Garcia
Cover: Mike Fyles
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: June 9, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review May Contain Spoilers!***

When we left last issue, the Nazi scum have made off with the Orichalcum (the metal Tony snagged down in Atlantis) and Pepper Potts as a hostage!  Oh no!  The Nazis also blow the boat that Tony, Rhodey, and Captain Namor are on!  Oh no!

This Marvel Noir tale about the original Most Interesting Man in the World, gets a little more interesting as it rockets toward its fourth and final issue.  Do the Nazis blow Tony and his crew to smithereens?  No.  Are you ready for the break-neck, bust-your-face action?  Yes.  GO!

The Lady Dorma is actually a cover ship for an awesome submarine!  The men escape unscathed, but Tony’s artificial heart is dwindling down and he passes out.  When he comes to, he is aboard an airship.  He convinces Jarvis to charge his heart beyond 100 percent- He’s had enough of this Nazi crap and he’s taking the fight to them!  Tony and Rhodey armor up in the suits that Tony’s father, Howard, and Jarvis had designed: Iron Man and War Machine.  Noir style, baby.  The Nazis are getting their booties kicked around for a change.  But wait!  What’s this!?  The Nazis have a suit of their own!?  But how!?  No! It can’t be!

Whoa, Nelly!  Not only can Scott Snyder give us sweet motorcycle action and wicked ways to kill Eurotrash vampires, but he can give us a tale that is deeply rooted in adventure and a dramatic introduction to the Iron Man armor for the Noir Universe!  Moreover, Snyder is a Major League pitcher.  Yep, that’s right.  He hangs a sick curveball on all of us with the reveal in this third issue of Iron Man Noir!

Let me not forget to mention the incredible pencil work of Manuel Garcia in this series so far.  This dude is drawin’ it up!  I wish I could show you what these suits look like in action.  It is just…marvelous work.  Pun intended.  Garcia even switches up his style for a flashback sequence that, teamed with Marta Martinez’s colors, will blow your mind and almost put you into an entirely different story.  Great work by everyone involved!  I’m starting to get bummed out that it is only a four issue mini-series.  Who do I need to talk to?  I want this as an ongoing!

This is the summer of Iron Man.  There are all kinds of Iron Man books on the shelves right now and Iron Man Noir is the hidden treasure.  The Marvel Noir line is either loved or hated; I happen to fall into the negative category, but I’m loving this book.  It is completely different from every other offering from Marvel Noir to date.  Instead of focusing on the seedy underworld and dark alley crime scene, this book focuses on high octane adventure.  Trust me.  You can relax and enjoy this mini-series because it is 100 percent fun!

Aron White



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  2. Eli

    This is looking good. I think I’m going to have to give this series a read.

  3. I’ve been too disappointed from the other Noir titles that I’m REALLY skeptical about this one!!

  4. If Iceman showed up would that make you feel better Andy?

  5. Aron

    Eli- You should pick it up. It’s a really great read. There is only one issue left, though. It may be better to grab the trade at this point.

    Andy- Andy, Andy, Andy……I keep telling you. This is NOT like previous Noir titles! It’s NOT! I’ve held back from calling it Iron Man meets Indiana Jones, because Scott Snyder has done really well at making this character his own. But that’s how I would break it down in layman’s terms. It’s like Indiana Jones. This is the only Noir title that is not about back alley crimes and seedy criminal underworlds. But I agree with you, though. All the other Noir titles SUCK ASS!

    I think that’s what this book’s problem is. Not enough people are giving it a shot because of all the other Noir books that came before it stunk to high Heaven!

    Speech- I don’t even think he’d try an ICEMAN NOIR book…well, maybe. Ha!

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