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September 24, 2009

DC Previews: Justice League of America #38

Alex Segura posted on DC’s blog a preview of Justice League of America #38 due in stores October 21. This is the beginning of a new run featuring the writing of James Robinson and art by Mark Bagley. Below are a few pages from this issue along a variant cover by Andy Kubert. Enjoy!

I have never been a reader of Justice League of America. For whatever reason I’m just not a big fan of team books. However, I do have a set image in my mind of what the Justice League should look like and this isn’t it. My Justice League is Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Not Vixen, Plastic Man, and Red Tornado. Don’t get me wrong, I like these characters, it’s just my Justice League contains the heavy hitters and not the second stringers.

Jordan West



  1. InfiniteSpeech

    talk about bad timing! or great timing depending on who you’re rooting for lol

  2. I’m a HUGE JLA fan, but I stopped reading the book around issue 12. It’s just no good. and it’s the same problem JLA book have always suffered with. If you’re not featuring the top stars then no body will care.

    The line up has been a big issue with me. I HATE Vixen and she’s all over this series. I’m not impressed with Red Arrow, or Geo Force or any of the other nobodies that have become the JLA.

    And screw Mark Bagley!

    ..Yeah, I said it!

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    lol whats wrong with Vixen? If the lower tier characters aren’t written well and given the right amount of attention then then they will never be taken seriously. Thats the fault of DC…they may even have to knock Green Lantern down a peg or two because he’s getting more spotlight then thier Trinity. The JLA is a TEAM book and should be able to carry on without Supes, Bats, and Wonder Woman

  4. The JLA has always been about your favorite heroes teaming up. Not a bunch of nobodies.

    If I wanna see a bunch of nobodies team up, I’ll read one of the million X-Men books.

    …Yeah. I said it.

  5. Billy

    I dont read JLA but Vixen seems like a good character. The art turns me off though in those scans.

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