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June 5, 2010

Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Marvel Universe: Moon Knight

No one, not even MOON KNIGHT himself, is really sure whether he’s actually the avatar of the ancient god Khonshu, of if he’s just crazy.  It is without a doubt that he is stronger than the average man, and a far superior fighter to all but the best.  He has devoted himself to Khonshu, acting out the Egyptian god’s agenda of revenge against criminals from one end of the world to the other.

In other words, Comic Attackers, Moon Knight is a badass!

Hello, and welcome to another installment of my favorite action figure review and yours, Gotta Have It! Figure Edition!  This week, another one of Hasbro’s Marvel Universe figures gets the spotlight.  You can call him Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, or Steven Grant, but when he puts on his pajamas and kicks your ass, you will call him Moon Knight!

Product Line: Marvel Universe (Series 1, Wave 4, #027)
Company: Hasbro
Released: May 2009
Packaging: Blister Card Packaging
Where to Buy: Pretty much any retail store with a toy department.
Price: US $8.99 (Dillon’s/Kroger)
Points of Articulation: 22
Height: 3 3/4 inches.

Paint Job: The painter on this action figure got off easy.  Moon Knight, naturally, is all flat, white plastic with a light gray used for highlights and accents.  The chest logo is outlined in black for visibility, and his face is all black with silver eyes.  Moon Knight’s belt has more of a pearl finish to it.  Moon Knight’s gloves and boots are a glossy white.  Like the Daredevil action figure, Moon Knight’s muscles are part of the sculpt and brought out by the style of painting.

Durability: This action figure is pretty solid.  There are not any hollow pieces that can be found.  The joints are a little stuck at first due to the paint job, but they break free after a little bit of messing around with him.  Once the joints are free, they hold the positions you put them in.  Like the not-so-mighty Thor in this series, Moonie has a cape that does not come off and is a textured mold.  The cape is pliable, though. You can move it this way and that and it goes back with no problems.  The cape has also proved to be rather useful.

Poseability: Because of the cape, Moon Knight can be balanced and posed in ways he probably wouldn’t be able to hold without it.  It is very complimentary to his 22 points of articulation. Behold!

Aiiieeeeee! Get some!

Accessories: This Secret Avenger comes with a staff.  I’m not sure if it’s adamantium or not.  It is kind of bendy.  He also comes with a Moon Dart.  This Moon Dart, I don’t expect anyone to keep around too long, if they get this Moon Knight.  He can’t hold both weapons at once and he has nowhere to stash his Moon Dart while he is cracking heads with his not-adamantium staff.  The Moon Dart looks kinda like a finger nail clipping  and will surely get lost and swept up as one.

Like all Marvel Universe figures, he comes with a “Top Secret” envelope.  Inside that envelope is a serial number to enter at (which doesn’t work) and a card featuring the box art, with Moon Knight’s “Super Hero Registration Act” information on it.  It lists his name, vitals, and notes that he is mystically enhanced and has a run down of his powers and skills.  Also in this envelope is a “Top Secret” S.H.I.E.L.D. letter.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. letter is from Karla Sofen (Moonstone) to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director.  It doesn’t list anyone specific.  I’m not sure why.  Sofen talks about how they are unable to track down Moon Knight, but he is crazy enough that he will eventually slip up and they will catch him when he does.  They have the Profiler modeling Moon Knight’s behavior and they hope to be anticipating his moves soon.

What’s Awesome: This is probably the coolest Marvel Universe figure I have ever opened to date.  In my whole entire life.  At first I really wasn’t fond of his Jawa face, but after messing with it, it grew on me and it no longer mattered.  How else are they to portray his true facial effects on a toy?  The cape is awesome in that it looks really cool and it serves to assist in posing him.  It is also awesome that they included him in the set.  He’s received some action figure love more often in recent years, but not nearly enough in my opinion.  Heroclix aside, I don’t think he’s ever had a second edition in any one particular line.  Maybe they will come out with one featuring his new costume of adamantium armor plates.  Who knows?

What Sucks: I think the Moon Dart could be a little more defined, maybe.  Not so much fingernail looking.  Maybe sharper.  Not that he uses them to carve faces off anymore, but this one could definitely not do the task.  I also think that the interactive website support that Hasbro set up for this line was way too short lived.  If you’re going to leave your product on the shelf until it is gone, you should have all the bells and whistles work until there is no more web traffic.  But again, that’s just my opinion.  Hasbro didn’t ask me.  Maybe they should have.

Overall: 5 out of 5.  I’m going to be bold and give this Moon Knight action figure 5 thumbs up.  It is well deserving.  Mainly, because the costume is freakin’ awesome and any of the above poses would look awesome on your shelf, entertainment center, or desk.  It is always the lesser known characters that make the coolest action figures.  Marvel Universe: Moon Knight…gotta have it?  Yes!  If you can find this action figure sitting around, pick it up without thinking!  Other than Captain Britain and Hobgoblin, Series One is dwindling down.

Aron White



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  2. one of the better looking figures out there…I just might have to actually pick this one up

  3. Ug, I really wish designers could find a way to not make the hip sockets looks so ugly, but still maintain the same posing ability.

  4. Aron

    Kris- Wow…I actually hadn’t noticed the hip sockets like that before. But now that you mention it…

    Speech- Yeah, Moon Knight figures usually are pretty awesome. Except for the Marvel Gold that they made around 10 years ago. Looks kinda dorky. He looks like a wrestler. And Marvel Legends has him in a black suit. WTF is that all about!?

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