June 3, 2010

Zenescope Reviews: The Waking #4

The Waking #4
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Writer: Raven Gregory
Art: Vic Drujiniu
Cover: Adriana Melo
Variant Covers: Joe Benitez (B) Tyler Kirkham (C) Eric Basaldua (Exclusive)
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: June 2, 2010

***CAUTION: This Review Contains Spoilers!***

A father’s love for his daughter wakens chaos.  Chaos wakens revenge.  Revenge wakens justice.  Justice sleeps peacefully.

Last issue‘s questions are answered and origins are revealed.  The value of love and family are understood and appreciated.

The Waking #4 brings to a close Raven Gregory and Vic Drujiniu’s twistedly brilliant tale of mystery, murder, and mayhem!  The story, however, lives on.

The conclusion of this series is bittersweet.  Gregory wrote an ending that serves the story well without ever feeling rushed or forced; everything was wrapped up.  I’m just totally bummed to see it come to an end.  The only questions I have after reading the final issue are: What is Raven Gregory going to do for his next trick?  What other projects does Vic Drujiniu have going on?  This was a …killer…creative team.  I’d like to see more from this pair in the future.

If you didn’t pick up this series, I really feel sorry for you.  You missed out on an entertaining angle on the Zombie genre.  If you can’t find the issues at your local comic shop (LCS), head on over to Zenescope and snatch them up or tell your LCS that you want to get your grubby little meat hooks on the collected edition when it comes out.  Just like that.  You have to say, “grubby little meat hooks.”

The Waking was my gateway drug into Zenescope Entertainment.  Like many, I thought they were all about the boobs.  Once you turn the cover, though, you are greeted with vivid imaginings and addictive storytelling.  To pass on a Zenescope book is to put a “Kick Me” sign on your mom.  Shame shame.

Before I close out my final review on The Waking, I would like to remind you to check out these links for more on The Waking, Raven Gregory, and Zenescope Entertainment.  Also, check out Cover A for issue #4- was honored with a pull quote! Now, if you would please, join me in a moment of silence to honor this zombified grand finale and feast your eyes on the last of the variant covers.  This one is from this past weekend’s Phoenix Comic Con….

Aron White



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  2. Billy

    This series looks great Aron.

  3. I did like the story as a whole but I also felt like the ending in the fourth issue was a little rushed but not to the point of ruining the story. I’d actually like to see a bit more of what happened since some things are hinted at towards the end and there were some interesting characters that we never got to actually know. But hey, for a quickie the series was pretty damn good!

    Ya just gotta love con exclusive covers!

  4. Aron

    Dang! I’ve been so busy, I’m falling behind!

    Billy- This series looked totally awesome and that’s not even bringing up the drool-worthy covers! Ha!

    Speech- Yeah…despite the magic thong and the magic security camera, it was a fun series. I think the ending gave just enough about what followed, that if they didn’t go back and tell the rest of the story, I wouldn’t feel incomplete.

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