June 9, 2010

Zenescope Reviews: Tales From Wonderland: The White Knight

Tales from Wonderland: The White Knight
Publisher: Zenescope Entertainment
Writers: Troy Brownfield & Raven Gregory (Back up story)
Art: Tommy Patterson & Ian Snyder (Back up story)
Cover: Al Rio
Variant Covers: Marat Mychaels (B) Mike DeBalfo (Exclusive)
Price: US $3.99
Release Date: June 2, 2010

***Caution: This Review Contains Minor Spoilers!***

Leon Du Lac, son of Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, was raised by the wizard Merlin.  Merlin told the young Leon that if the kingdom should ever fall and enemy forces find him, he needs to escape through a magic portal to save himself.

The kingdom fell, enemy forces found him, and through the magic portal Leon went.  The portal transported him to Wonderland.  Wonderland tugged at the young man’s sanity; it tugged at his very soul.  There, he found a magical white armor.  When he wore the armor, the darkness that called to him in Wonderland was hushed.

He became the White Knight.

The White Knight slayed beast after beast in Wonderland.  He even opposed the evil forces of the Queen of Hearts.  Eventually the Queen of Spades caught word of this champion and offered him a mission.  Creatures and beasts have found a way to slip back and forth between Wonderland and Leon’s homeland, killing his people.

The White Knight set out and left a huge wake of dead evilness in both lands, but moving from world to world began to tug at his sanity and soul once again.  Could the White Knight remain pure and withstand the alluring darkness?

Okay…I’ve never read a Tales from Wonderland issue before.  Ever.  In my whole entire life.  Getting that out of the way as somewhat of an ignorance disclaimer, this issue was fun!  Loads of it!  This issue was all about a white-armored knight kicking evilness in the arse –  Hard!  Troy Brownfield and Tommy Patterson really stirred up their talents and kept me interested until the end of their delicious concoction.  This issue even features colors by our very own journalist, Jeff Balke!

If you’re in the market for trying something new, give Tales from Wonderland: The White Knight a chance.  It’s crazy fun.  If you’re already a fan, then you’re gonna love this issue and could probably fill me in on how awesome all things Wonderland from Zenescope truly are.

To end this issue, there is also part one of a back up story from Raven Gregory and Ian Snyder, that takes place prior to the events of Return to Wonderland.  Again, something I know nothing about, but it was twisted and warped just enough that it piqued my interest in what was going on.  It was…mind blowing…to say the least.

I’m slowly learning just how awesome Zenescope really is.  I hope you’re taking this exploratory journey with me.  It’s filled with lots of drool, ghoul, and cool!

Aron White



  1. Kristin

    They finally have a chance to not put off female readers, with a story centered around a strong male lead, and they still put pin up girls on the covers. *sigh*

  2. Aron

    Is it really that off-putting? Cosmo covers feature sexy ladies and all kinds of women buy that up. 🙂

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  4. Yes, it is. Because they’re drawn and presented in such a way that it’s painfully obvious who they’re catering to. It’s extreme objectification of women, to plaster the covers with scantily clad, big-breasted women. Zenescope is horrible with this. It’s honestly hard to take them seriously as a company when they do this. If I didn’t know the guys that ran the company were good people, I would be furious instead of just annoyed. Or maybe I should be more annoyed because of that? Like…they’re better than this.

    Their stories aren’t gender specific, but because they put the equivalent of a Playboy pinup poster on nearly all of their covers, a lot of women won’t give it a second glance. They’ll see the cover and immediately decide they don’t want to bother with what’s inside.

    It’s just…disappointing, maybe? And it’s denying them a large piece of the market, I think.

  5. You guys ROCK! Nice review!
    Thanks for giving the shout-out! This book was AWESOME to work on and saw it for the first time completed today!

  6. Aron

    Jeff- Hey, no problem, sir! Nice work!

    Kris- Take a look at Cover B. That’s not very pinup-ish. Actually, it’s kinda fugly. Maybe they should have a pinup cover and a regular cover?

  7. Kristin

    Which cover are you talking about? The one with the girl whose skirt is up her thighs and her boobs are practically popping out of her dress, or the one with the girl in thigh-high fishnets and a skimpy dress? 🙂

  8. Aron

    Kristin, I am wise enough in my years to know that I am not going to win an argument against a female. 😉 🙂

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