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June 1, 2010

DC Reviews: Green Lantern Corps #48

Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Tony Bedard
Artist: Ardian Syaf
Cover: Rodolfo Migliari


“Revolt of the Alpha Lanterns pt 1”: There’s something stirring in the midst of Brightest Day, and it seems like certain individuals wearing a power ring aren’t going to get any rest after the horror that was Blackest Night. And the only person who seems to have a clue about anything is former Guardian Ganthet. That’s right, I said “former,” because he’s tired of sitting on the sidelines and wants to help defend in the trenches with the other Green Lanterns. So after his explanation to the other Guardians as to why he has made this choice, he leaves for the Foundry, and like a Samurai forging his own katana, Ganthet goes through the intense task of forging his own Power Battery and Power Ring to officially become Green Lantern Ganthet of Sector Zero.

During all of this, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner are helping with the reconstruction of Oa when John is called to a meeting, and he gets a little suspicious at the presence of the Alpha Lantern Boodikka. If you don’t know what an Alpha Lantern is, they are kind of like the Internal Affairs department for the Green Lantern Corps. Apparently, a Green Lantern has gone missing along with communications from an entire planet, so John has been asked to help because he has talents that Boodikka just does not. At her request their mission begins. And speaking of missing Lanterns, it seems as if at least one of them was found on Oa, however it also looks like some Alpha Lanterns are filling their depleted ranks by force. And if the title of this arc doesn’t give it away, then I don’t know what to tell you.

There’s great story, great build up, and suspense throughout the issue. I’ll say that the plot that intrigues me the most is the conversation between Guy, Ganthet, and Atrocitus pictured above, as Guy makes a pretty profound statement. Bedard’s story here is specifically a set-up issue, so don’t expect grand battles and fights; but it’s the suspense that helps to carry this issue along, and like a good writer should, he makes you want to immediately delve deeper into the story. I will say that the strongest part of the book was the interactions between Ganthet and the Guardians, which had some great dialogue and made me like Ganthet as character even more. Along with the great visuals from Ardian Syaf, from beginning to end this title continues to maintain quality worth the reader’s time and money.

Being the new writer on Green Lantern Corps, Bedard has the momentum of two big events leading into this issue, and he’s taking full advantage of that. It looks like we’re headed into another turning point for these guys. I have several speculations as to where the Green Lanterns are headed next, but I’ll save those for fear of spoiling things for our readers! I will say that it’s a great time to be reading a Green Lantern title, and if Bedard can keep or even exceed what he’s started in this issue, then things will only get better!

Infinite Speech



  1. Yeah, this book is solid. Too bad a lot of people skip on it though, thinking that Green Lantern is enough to feed the need. Those folks are really missing out!

    And hey, don’t wimp on us- tell us your predictions!!

  2. Billy

    Yeah Speech, spill it! lol

  3. Nothin’ too big just that there’s more to the prophecy that hasn’t been dealt with yet and it speaks of a man with a face of flesh and metal bringing about destruction and that in MY eyes can only mean the return of Cyborg Supes to kick a little GL ass. So I’m also figuring that MAY be cause for Ganthet’s worries but I’m not too sure yet. I also think Cyborg Supes was shown in an ad a few months back as well.

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