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May 29, 2010

Dynamite Entertainment Reviews: Green Hornet #4

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Kevin Smith
Artist: Jonathan Lau
Cover: Alex Ross


“A Hornet’s Nest”: Britt Reid Sr. is dead at the hands of an assassin, and Kato is following through with with the final wishes of his friend. Kato reveals to Britt Jr. his father’s secret identity and past as the city’s crime fighter, Green Hornet, which is a bit much for the young man to take in. Also finding out that he is to be shipped off to China for his own safety isn’t sitting too well with him either. Understanding he really has no choice in the matter, he’s put on his father’s jet and reminds Kato that he is not the man his father was. This is why Mulan, Kato’s daughter, is being sent to get some answers about the murder of Britt Reid Sr., the original Green Hornet.

This issue is basically the turning point for the two who will carry on the mantle of Green Hornet and Kato. I’m liking the fact that Smith has already established Mulan as having the training necessary to do this, while Britt Jr. may take a bit more convincing to be credible in my eyes. I know he’s displayed he can handle himself in a fight in Green Hornet #2 but there is no doubt in my mind that Mulan would have him on his ass if he was to go up against her. It’s also nice to see that Smith isn’t overdoing the cynicism of Britt Jr. concerning his father’s legacy, which can make a character more annoying than anything else.

Long torsos and limbs aside, Jonathan Lau still gives nice visuals throughout this issue, though when compared to the last three issues, Green Hornet #4 is slacking a little. It’s nothing that is bad enough to distract you from the story but it is noticeable in certain points. He continues to handle the action scenes with a damn skillful hand and the actual fight choreography is just exciting to see on the page. I’m sure it would look just as good on the big screen had this been able to be made into a movie back in 2004.

Kevin Smith has brought the Green Hornet back with style and substance, making this series one of the better titles to come out bearing the character’s name from Dynamite.  I will admit that in the beginning I only picked up the title because I’m a Kato fan, but Smith has managed to increase my interest in Green Hornet. The fact that this version never made it to the big screen confuses me to no end. The only thing that has me a little nervous is that Smith has shown us how effective the new Kato can be, that it makes Green Hornet seem like he’s not needed.  I’m hoping that in the future issues her character isn’t diminished just to elevate Britt Jr.’s role as Green Hornet, but rather the two are established to have more of an equal footing as the crime fighting duo. Other than that I’m having fun and isn’t that what reading comics is all about?

Infinite Speech



  1. Billy

    Everytime I see or hear “Kato”, all I can think of is that Asian dude that was always trying to surprise the Inspector in those Pink Panther movies. Oh, and that dopey pot-head that was OJ’s lackey.

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  3. Totally agreed, Speech. Smith is handling Green Hornet really well. I’m really enjoying it as well.

  4. Infinite Speech

    I was slowly turned around with this series. Like I said earlier I’m more of a Kato fan and that got me to pick up the book in the first place now I’m just glad Smith is putting out a good book all around though I’m still trying to figure out what all the Kevin Smith hate is about. I know several people who really dislike the book but they make it seem like Smith came to their house and pissed in their corn flakes.

  5. I’m really liking this series which is surprising because I didn’t want to!

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