June 19, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Thor and the Warriors Four #2 & #3

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Written by: Billy
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Thor and The Warriors Four #2 & #3
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Alex Zalben
Artist: Gurihuru

**Minor Spoilers**

The Mighty Thor and Beta Ray Bill have been friends for a long time, and in issue #2 of this mini they start off reminiscing about beating up on the Skrulls. They enter their favorite tavern to celebrate and find someone sitting at their table: It’s Power Pack, and they tell Thor and Beta Ray Bill just how they came to Asgard to find him, and ask for his help in finding the golden Apples of Idunn. After that story, Thor tells the Powers kids about an adventure of his own. The story gets interrupted by a Frost Giant and all heck breaks loose! After Thor, Bill, and the Power Pack knock the Giant out, we see that Loki is behind all these machinations. With the help of the Enchantress, Loki puts a spell on the Asgardians that leaves everyone at a real disadvantage, especially Thor, Bill, and even Odin!

In issue number three, the wild antics just keep on coming: Thor, Bet Ray Bill, Odin, and all of Asgard have been reduced to diaper wearing babies. We see how Loki and The Enchantress have duped Power Pack into getting the Apples for them. This issue sets up nicely for a great end to this series that will obviously involve the baby Asgardians returning to their normal size/age, and also a butt-kicking for Loki, The Enchantress, and the Frost Giant!

I must give props to Gurihiru for their fantastic artwork. They’ve done a tremendous job and make this book look exactly how it should. It has a very whimsical/ fantasy look to it. Another great couple of issues from Zalben as well, and he’s really doing a superb job at telling an interesting tale with a great all-ages vibe.   4/5

Click here to read a review of issue #1 and here for an interview with series writer Alex Zalben!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Argh! My store didn’t stock this on the shelf so I missed out. That cover to #2 is freakin’ hilarious!

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  3. billy

    @Andy- definitely pick up the trade. Its pretty funny. It would also be a great way to introduce a youth into comics.

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