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September 22, 2009

New Mutants: The Movie?

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Written by: Jeff
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Slashfilm.com reported yesterday, that in a Q & A session with film producer of the X-film franchise, Lauren Schuler Donner, a few more mutant movies may be coming down the pike, including a possible X4 and a possible New Mutants film. These, along with swirling rumors about X-Men: First Class in pre-production, are at least being talked about; so in the next couple of years, we could see some more mutants slashing, blasting, phasing, and teleporting across the silver screen.

However, Donner didn’t mention how the Disney/Marvel acquisition might affect any of these movies. 20th Century Fox still holds the film rights to X-Men, but would this be the case with a completely different cast in New Mutants?

This does bring up an interesting question for ComicAttack.net fans: Which of these mutant movies would you want to see? Would you want to see Hugh, Halle, and Ian back together for another X-Men film? Would you like to see a prequel along the lines of First Class? Or would you like to see a fresh new take on the franchise with the New Mutants?

As for this X-Fan, I’ve been pining for an X-Men live-action television reboot, a la Smallville, although there is no such thing in development. No costumes, developing powers, and lots of teenage drama with the original five X-Men. Picture this: Scott Summers, brooding, silent type, afraid to get close to anyone, much less admit an attraction to the new girl at the school. Hank McCoy, loud and boisterous, trying desperately to not be the big brain that he is. ¬†Warren Worthington III, pretty-boy jock, who wants to be the hero but can’t get the girl. Bobby Drake, overcompensates his age with his immaturity, and doesn’t realize how powerful he might actually be. Jean Grey, torn between the guy who is seemingly every girl’s dream and the guy who is seemingly everyone’s nightmare. Throw in Professor Xavier as the mentor he’s supposed to be, a rival school of mutants led by a headmaster with a magnetic personality, and a mysterious Canadian.