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April 29, 2010

Dark Horse Reviews: The Terminator 2029 #2

The Terminator 2029 #2
Written by: Zach Whedon
Art by: Andy MacDonald

Just to start: this issue has a cliffhanger ending which rocks. It is easy to say the ending is a perfect wtf-moment of a cliffhanger, that makes you want the next issue immediately. So if there’s one thing that has been delivered here in this issue it’s a hands down fantastic execution of an ending.

Now that I have that out of my system, we are looking at Terminator 2029 issue #2 here and the rest of the issue isn’t as good as the cliffhanger at the end. Art wise it’s on the same level as issue #1 of the mini-series. MacDonald’s art is still nice, with great action scenes unfolding across the page. The detail in some of his characters, the grit of battle and mechanical design are all thumbs up across the board.┬áThe writing by Whedon has grown a little bit weaker from the first issue. His characters are not going through much development as they are moving through the action scenes and he is giving us a lot of information and story. The counter-argument here being the main character is Kyle Reese who is already fleshed out by just the original Terminator movie itself.

This issue is a comic written for pure entertainment, nothing amazing or ground breaking story wise, and if you just want an entertaining read, then this is your bag. But if you want something a little deeper from your sci-fi, you’re not going to get it here.

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Drew McCabe



  1. My girlfriend loves this series, but Terminator isn’t really my thing.

  2. Are you referring to the books or the entire Terminator storyline?

  3. Billy

    Sounds like a good action read.

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