April 30, 2010 and publisher Com.X join forces for the Giveaway in May Contest!

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Written by: Andy
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Hey Comic Attackers, I have good news for you all: is holding its FIRST EVER contest in May! Starting tomorrow (May 1st) we kick off the Giveaway in May contest and thanks to publisher Com.X we have three smokin’ hot prizes to hand out to three lucky readers!

Participation is necessary to enter the contest, but it’s so easy that it makes petting puppies seem like a chore. In fact, it’s so uncomplicated to enter the Giveaway in May contest that you’ll be eating cereal out of a tube sock for the next week in order to make up for the simplicity of it all. Just be sure to lap up all that extra milk. Mmmm, tastes like toe jam! So here are the contest details:

  • Contest dates are May 1, 2010 – May 31, 2010 with the drawing taking place on June 1, 2010.
  • Contestants can be from outside of the United States! If you win, we’ll ship the prize to you!
  • Three prizes provided by Com.X will be awarded to three lucky readers via a random drawing. Here’s how to get your name on a ballot for the prize drawings as you can do any or all of these options:
  1. The Contestant must post a topical comment on an article published to throughout the month of May. Each article validly commented on will grant the Contestant 1 entry ballot in the drawing.
  2. The Contestant must post a topical comment on a Com.X related article published to throughout the month of May. Each Com.X article validly commented on will grant the Contestant 2 entry ballots in the drawing.
  3. The Contestant must recruit people to the Facebook group (CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE GROUP). The Contestant will gain 1 entry ballot for each valid member they recruit to the group. In order for the entry to be considered valid, the newly recruited member(s) must comment in THIS THREAD in the group and mention the Contestant’s name that recruited them. For each newly recruited member who mentions the Contestant in this way, the Contestant gains 1 additional entry ballot. Comment only once per recruit in this thread otherwise the entry will become void. Recruited members must still be fans of the Facebook group on June 1 2010 for their Contestant’s entry ballot to be valid for the drawing. So basically the more people you recruit to the Facebook group, the more entry ballots you get with your name on them entered into the drawing! The possibilities are endless!
  4. Existing Facebook members must comment only once in THIS THREAD in the Facebook group for 1 entry ballot. Multiple comments (even to just say “hey” to another member, etc.) will make the Contestant’s entry ballot invalid.
  • The aforementioned Topical Comments include any comment made that is relevant and thought provoking to the related article. Meaning comments like, “I loved this!” or “That’s great!” or “Wowiekazowie!” don’t count. We’re looking for something a little deeper. reserves the right to determine what constitutes as a valid or invalid comment.
  • Only articles published to during the month of May 2010 are valid for this contest. Comments posted on articles published to on April 30th 2010 or earlier are invalid for consideration as an entry ballot.
  • Contestants can enter as many times as they wish provided that all rules and guidelines mentioned above are followed!
  • Contestants cannot win more than 1 prize regardless of how many entry ballots there are that have their name on them.

You got all that? Great! Now lets check out the prizes:

3rd place will receive the spectacular ground-breaking graphic novel Forty-Five45 written by Andi Ewington with art from 45 different industry artists (including the likes of Charlie Adlard, Fiona Staples, Jock, and much more)!

2nd place wins one lucky reader a sexy copy of the Cla$$war hard cover written by Rob Williams with art by Trevor Hairsine and Travel Foreman!

1st place shall be graced with a gorgeous 11 x 17 Com.X print signed by the artist! We’ll reveal the details of this prize later on in the month so stay tuned. What can I say, we like to tease!

So get out there tomorrow and start commenting and recruiting! If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below this article.

Good luck, and here’s to winning cool free stuff!

To learn more about Com.X and their products click here or visit their website

Andy Liegl



  1. wow it’s THAT easy?!

  2. Kristin

    Well, you’re not eligible, though. 🙂

  3. Billy

    That third place prize is sweet!

  4. thanks for reminding me Kristin 🙁

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  7. Congratulations to our winners!!

  8. Neat poster. Can anybody tell me what it’s from though? ‘Cause I have no idea. XD

    Still a cool poster.

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