September 21, 2009

DC Universe News: Body Of Crayon Shin-Chan Creator Found

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Written by: Jordan
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On Sunday, authorities in Japan identified a body found at the bottom of a cliff at Mt. Arafune as that of Crayon Shin-chan creator Yoshito Usui, 51. Usui had been missing since Sept. 11. The accident happened during one of Usui’s regular hiking trips. Authorities believe Usui accidentally slipped and fell when taking a picture of the bottom of the cliff from the top. He died from a collapsed lung and other injuries sustained during the fall.

Crayon Shin-chan began publication in 1990 in Weekly Manga Action magazine. The manga is published in North America by CMX Manga, an imprint of DC Comics. Since its conception in 1990, Crayon Shin-chan has inspired a television show, created in 1992, and 17 films. Futabasha, a Japanese publishing company, has stated it will continue to publish Crayon Shin-chan in Manga Town magazine until November. After that, the future of Crayon Shin-chan is unclear.

More can be found here and here.

This is sad news indeed. While I have never read the manga, I am familiar with the television show, Shin-chan, and have always thoroughlyĀ enjoyed it. My thoughts go out to Usui’s family.

Jordan West



  1. Kristin

    I was wondering what he had to do with DC Universe…then I remembered the comic was published here by CMX.

    What’s running until November are Usui’s final three chapters that he already had written. As it’s a pretty unique style, the manga may not continue. From my limited exposure to the anime (I didn’t like it, so I haven’t seen much), it seems to be pretty episodic, without a framed story line. So it may be best to end the manga, honestly.

    There are 49 printed novels in Japan right now, so it will be published in America for many years to come, if CMX publishes the entire run.

  2. Wow, that’s a crazy way to go.


  3. Jeff Jackson

    Yikes. I go hiking every week by myself. This is awful news.

  4. Kristin

    Well, the guy WAS in his 50s. And the mountain he was on wasn’t exactly a cake walk.
    Anytime you go hiking on something another than a gently sloping hill, you’re risking an accident.

  5. That’s very sad. šŸ™

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