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April 19, 2010

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition:Street Fighter III Ibuki Excellent Model Capcomaniax Statue

Available from MegaHouse is this great looking statue of Capcom’s Ibuki from their famed Street Fighter franchise. First appearing in Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Ibuki is a kunoichi (female ninja) that has been raised since childhood in her clan, but longs for life experiences in the outside world. Aside from her many adventures in the Street Fighter tournaments, she is now appearing in her own limited series: Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki from Udon Comics, which delves more into this ninja teenager’s background.

Manufacturer: MegaHouse
Height: 13″
Released: Jul 2008
Retail Price: US $84.99
Some Assembly Required

The PVC crafted statue is based off her classic design as she appears in Street Fighter III: Third Strike, and I’ll say that MegaHouse does a fantastic job capturing her look! Her gi is quite simple, but it’s the attention to the little details like the frayed sleeves and the worn look of her arm and feet wraps, to each fold and crease that just enhances the life-like look of this statue. Her pose is classic Ibuki, as she shows off her skill by balancing precariously on one foot atop a round ball while holding her kunai slightly behind her back.

Now for all of the attention and detail and craftsmanship that was put into the actual statue, the base is BORING and just too plain to actually compliment the statue. It’s the “gold” piece that Ibuki is standing on, which is attached to a simple plastic disc. Maybe if more attention was put into the base the stability would also be better, as Ibuki does lean ever so slightly in the direction that her left knee is pointed. This did annoy me when I put her on display, but the great look of the statue itself more than compensates for the look of the base. I was hard pressed to find any colors bleeding into each other, and believe me I looked for a while because I just couldn’t believe it looked that good. I would like to see this level of attention to quality and detail in other companies’ higher priced statues and busts.

Now there is some assembly required, which is the actual clear plastic base, the “gold” structure Ibuki is balanced on, and her top knot. All pieces are very easy to attach, though I will say to be careful when attaching Ibuki’s top knot as to not break or snap it. Once assembly is completed you’ll have one of the best looking Street Fighter ninja ready for display. This is a pretty affordable piece at the initial price of $84.99, which is great considering the quality of Ibuki’s appearance, and I’ve actually seen it a little cheaper on several auction sites, so it’s worth a look.

Overall I would give MegaHouse’s Street Fighter III: Ibuki statue a 4 out of 5 rating, just taking off for the overly plain base and her tendency to lean a bit.

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