April 18, 2010

Marvel Reviews: Daredevil #506

Publisher: Marvel
Writer(s): Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston
Artist: Marco Checchetto
Cover: Paolo Rivera

“Left Hand Path pt 2: Knives in the Dark”: When you attempt to change something from the inside, you run the risk of becoming what you wish to change or being destroyed by what you’re up against.  Matt Murdock has (at least for now) overcome being corrupted by the Hand ninja clan that he now leads, but certain factions in the group feel that their one time enemy isn’t fit to lead and needs to be put down immediately.

One of the Hand’s inner circle, Daimyo Bokuto, has been very vocal about his disgust with Daredevil’s appointed role as leader of the Hand, and suspects him of an attempt on his life.  Daredevil and Bokuto are set up in a trap by a horde of Hand ninja, and someone is using magic to make Bokuto see demons and to dull DD’s senses.  Though both men just barely make it through the fight alive, Bokotu thinks that he is being set up by his new leader for his open defiance.  As nothing is resolved between the two, we are shown that not only is magic at the heart of all of this, but the other three Daimyo are behind it all and have a sinister plan ahead for Matt Murdock.  The meaning of the Left Hand Path is revealed, along with the identity of another player in this elaborate game of deception and assassination.

I haven’t seen an in depth look into the Hand in a long time, and ever since Daredevil became their leader it’s been a welcome thing to come back to.  Diggle and Johnston make this transition feel natural, and it kind of takes me back to the Frank Miller days when the Hand ran rampant in his books, making Murdock’s life hell.  Both writers (Diggle & Johnston) have stepped it up the past couple of issues, and even though some plot points are a bit predictable, they manage to toss in a few twists and turns to keep the story a bit fresh.  I do think that Bokuto being so stubborn as to not see what’s directly in front of him feels a bit forced at times, but I can also see that he has plans of his own that require him to keep the mindset that he has, and if not trusting Daredevil is what’s keeping that going, then fine.  Murdock’s “dream” sequence was a little flat to me and was probably the only thing that seemed too predictable, because I knew she would show up sooner or later.

Marco Checchetto gives us the visual excitement of over the top ninja action and mystical demon attacks in this issue. It did seem like this issue didn’t look as good as the last one, but aside from a few overcrowded panels, the opening fight sequence was something I kept going back to.  The fight through the eyes of Bokuto while under the magical spell was something I wish we got more of in this issue, because it helped raise the intensity of the fight.

I’ve always thought that Daredevil was one of those characters that shined better when he was pushed to a point to where he was forced to operate in the grey area and do things that just might piss off his other hero buddies. This is a perfect example of that, as he is now in control of one of the most deadly, if not THE deadliest group of assassins on the planet, and he’s attempting to unify them all and change them to a weapon of justice after centuries of doing the opposite.  Sometimes when you try to use bad to do good, you end up doing more bad, and this is something Matt knows all too well.  With the reveal in this issue, it looks like his enemies may have the upper hand.

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  1. Aron White

    I for one thought this was an awesome issue. Just when I start to sit around and think about what my favorite hero is doing, I have my doubts. Then, the next issue comes out and I’m reminded that it is awesome. I liked the art, too. Especially the DD costume. I don’t remember when the piping was added to his duds, but I’m diggin’ it. Yep.

  2. Billy

    I picked up issue #500 just for kicks a while back and thought it was pretty good. Although my faith in Diggle is a bit shakey after that AWFUL Bullseye Dark Reign series! 🙁

  3. He’s much better here Billy lol That Bullseye story went NOWHERE and was a complete waste and here his story actually has legs to stand on. Which makes me wonder if it’s more him or Johnston but either way these guys are on a roll. The issues that Diggle did by himself were pretty good as well so maybe the whole Bullseye story was him just not being on his “A” game lol

  4. Aron White

    Guys…Antony Johnston co-wrote the conclusion to Dark Reign: Bullseye with Diggle…

  5. Diggle wrote DD 502 – 504 without Johnston those were the issues I was referring to

  6. Aron White

    Well, Diggle has been trusted with a summer event. I hope he brings his A game!

    I did like his Thunderbolts run before he started DD, as well!

  7. The cover is just so…PRETTY! *_*

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