September 20, 2009

Uncanny X-Men #515 Preview

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Written by: Andy
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Hey ComicAttackers! With the fallout of the Utopia story line, I’m sure all the X-fans out there are anxious to discover what’s in store for their favorite mutants. This Wednesday, September 23rd, you’ll have the chance to check out the Uncanny X-Men for the first time since Cyclops herded all of mutantkind onto a floating Asteroid M. The main pitch of Uncanny X-Men #515 is that one of the original X-Men makes an exit from the team! If it’s Iceman I’m going to be pissed. Check out the preview below to hold you over until Wednesday.




I’d hate to be negative from the get-go, but what the hell is up with the art? This is Greg Land at his worst. The pencils here look sloppy, rushed, and downright ugly; plus I notice he uses his recycled ‘woman with hands on her hips’ pose. Ugh. I’m sure Matt Fraction will provide for another compelling script, but why does Land have to return to the title for this arc? Were Terry Dodson or Marc Silvestri not available? Aside from how horrendous these preview pages look, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the X-Men continue to evolve post Utopia.

Andy Liegl



  1. billy

    I’d most certainly like to see better art to but the preview has me wondering.

  2. Yeah… it doesn’t really reveal much as to where the story is heading…

  3. Jeff Jackson

    I’m wondering who these new characters are. Magneto’s new followers?

  4. Eli

    I’m not up on what’s going on with the X-Men lately, and I don’t know who this cook is. But, did those guys with powers have some difficulty wrangling a fry cook in a diner??? Oh, and I loved the art too.

  5. Ok I gotta come out and say it, I don’t understand all of the Land bashing. Yes he does draw from reference, half the time he does so to literally. Maybe worse yet he recycles a lot of his own art for various books. However, the art is good. Maybe its not what you would call amazing, and you may even prefer someone elses style, but this is in no way bad. It doesn’t slow down the story, the art is fluid, the progressions work. I don’t see all of the reason to complain. As much as it kills me to say it, some of my favorite books feature art that is far worse off then anything Land does.

    As far as this preview goes, you are right, it shows very little about where the story is going, but that is pretty consistent with the X books as of late. All of the action comes towards the ends of the books, so even if the preview isn’t great, I still have I hopes for the issue.

  6. @ Jeff I have no clue… Some refugees of the Utopia?

    @ Eli Yeah, that cook was tough.

    @ Ryan At one time, Greg Land was one of my favorite artists; I was really into ‘Sojourn’ and his run on ‘Nightwing,’ as well as ‘Birds of Prey.’ Then I read an article that showed how often he traces, copies, and especially recycles, and I felt like someone had just told me Santa Claus didn’t exist. Since then it seems like his work has regressed over the years.

    I will say this though; He pencils a fantastic looking Emma Frost… However, he had lots of practice drawing an appealing blonde during his run on ‘Sojourn.’

  7. Hm. Maybe it’s just cuz I haven’t seem much of Greg Land’s art, but if the art above looks bad, I’d love to see what looks good.

  8. ^ It looks good to you because you haven’t seen much of his art! To see what looks good, check out his run on Nightwing and Sojourn.

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