April 3, 2010

The Caracas Comic Con in Venezuela!

Social networking sites have really made the World a smaller place. John Mulder, a friend of on Twitter, is a fellow comic book journalist who runs the website MulderComics and is located south of the border in Venezuela. John has asked us to share his photos from the Caracas Comic Con which was held March 5-7 2010 at the Metropolitan University in South America. The event was organized by DPX Comics, Store of Venezuelan Comics, and directed by Daniela Paolillo.

The artists at the Con were the local up and coming talent that have work expected to be published at some point this year. Most of the artists were represented by either Skystar Studio or Canvas! Studio, and special guests included fan group representatives like Blog Zup and Venezuela en Comics. The Caracas Comic Con is more of a gathering of geek culture than an event spotlighting creators and artists like San Diego Comic Con or New York Con, and even though there were no “big names” present it’s pretty obvious from the photos below that everyone who attended was really into it and enjoyed themselves. So check out the Caracas Comic Con through the eyes of John Mulder!

Warning! Hundreds of scantily dressed cosplayers lurk inside!

John gives these Stormtroopers the fingers.

Joker doing his best Gambit impression.

Don't mess with the X-Men!

Original art by Rodolfo Hernandez

To save his own sanity, Jack the Pumpkin King creeped up behind the lead singer and took matters into his own hands…

I remember these! They make great coasters!

Hey Lara, I know of a cheap motel that needs raiding. Lets go check it out!

I don't know who the hell this is supposed to be, but it's freakin' me out.

Original art by Rodolfo Hernandez

…too soon?

Now THAT'S cosplay!

Don't worry dude, I wouldn't be looking at the camera either.

She checks the tickets.

Uh…Final Fantasy and Anime Chick? …maybe? I dunno.

Never trust a cock-eyed Spider-Man. …and what the hell is that white thing with the long schnoz in the background?

Peace never looked so good!

The rigors of cosplay research.

Thanks to Ash's iron grip, Pikachu lost his manhood.

Spider-Man joins the White Lantern Corps. In other news, the kid on the left shit his pants.

They don't call it the "Slave II" for nothing…

The children couldn't contain their mocking laughter as Manga Boy demonstrated his signature "ground pound" attack.

I always wondered how superheroes pulled that off.

Doesn't Hogwartz have a damn dress code!?

The least intimidating Green Lantern ever.

That Lantern's smirk makes me uncomfortable in the pants.

This Wookie owes John a "Life Debt" after John saved him from eating at the Con's burrito bar.

This Wookie owes John a "Life Debt" after John saved him from eating at the Con's burrito bar.

No wonder why Xavier set up his own private "school" for gifted youngsters. I'm surprised he was never on an episode of "To Catch a Predator".

How is anyone supposed to read these comics!? They're not printed in English!

Comics not written in English! Awesome!

Original art by Jose Lara

I'm not sure what this comic is all about…but I think it has something to do with soft core porn.

The youngest looking Black Cat ever.

If Chris Hansen were at this Con…

"I loathe model toys," she thought with great angst.

Scarlet Witch is so crazy she sweats insanity!

I had no clue comic culture was this vast and dedicated in South America. I know lots of artists are from the region, but it never really hit me that comic book fans are truly spread all throughout the globe, and that’s awesome! So thanks John for sharing with us and maybe we’ll see you in San Diego this summer!

Click here to follow John Mulder on Twitter and click here to follow Other links of note (sorry, but they ain’t in English!):

-John’s personal coverage of the Con Part 1 – Part 2
Website of the Caracas Comic Con

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go work on my Iceman costume for SDCC ’10.

Andy Liegl



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  2. Eli

    That is very cool Andy. Sometimes its easy to forget that this love of ours spreads beyond America and the UK. It looks like Venezuelans put on an awesome con.

  3. Social comments and analytics for this post…

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  4. They definitely did Eli! Thanks for checking out the pics!!

  5. Aron White

    Gotta love a cock-eyed Spider-Man and ANY Black Cat cosplayer!

    You use Blackest Night: Doom Patrol issues for coasters? For reals?

    This coverage and pics are just so awesome! I want to go where comics and characters are gettin’ the love! I want to go to a Con! It is my destiny!

  6. Billy

    Black Cat +1 😉

  7. Johnny Mulder

    The Pics Are Courtesy Of The Caracas Comic Con Groups in Facebook, Thanks To All Friends

  8. Princess Powerful

    That looks awesome! I also loved the pictures and descriptions! 🙂

  9. Josh

    Awesome pics and captions! haha..and FYI…that dude behind Spidey is wearing a naked buffet/eyes wide shut mask……creepy.

  10. Thanks for checking these out everyone!! Can’t wait to see what the cosplayers come up with in San Diego!

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