September 18, 2009

Spider-Woman #1 Preview

After an interesting experiment with it’s motion comic release, Marvel is finally ready to commit Spider-Woman #1 to print form! On Wednesday, September 23rd you can get your anxious fanboy hands on Jessica Drew once more… don’t worry, the sticky stuff on the comic is webbing. The creators of the title are the Eisner Award winning team of writer Brian Michael-Bendis and artist Alex Maleev. The abridged plot is this; After the fallout of Secret Invasion, Jessica Drew reenters into a society that is unfamiliar to her and becomes an agent of S.W.O.R.D! Spider-Woman #1 sells for the now-standard $3.99, but luckily the preview below is free.



I think this book looks pretty damn cool.

Andy Liegl



  1. eli

    Spider-Woman never looked so cool to me, I might check this out.

  2. Cover art is gorgeous. Inside art…I am not a fan of. Stupid false advertising.

  3. I’m WAAYYY excited for this. I don’t know Spider-Woman very well, but she always intrigued me. And the Bendis/ Maleev team I enjoy very much.

  4. Billy

    Not really diggin the art but the story itself has me intrigued. Oh and by the way, if you didnt pick up the trade “SpiderWoman:Origin” get it now. It’s really good.

  5. Did the Luna Brothers work on that one?

  6. billy

    Thats the one Andy. Story by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed. Art by the Luna Bros.

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