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March 16, 2010

IDW Reviews: G.I. Joe #15

Publisher: IDW
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Robert Atkins
Cover: David Williams

Spoilers ahead!

“Operation: Aztec Hustle”: Cobra wants Destro’s M.A.S.S. device fully operational immediately and so far it has been one failure after another.  So in order to get things back on schedule a team of Cobra agents has been sent to kidnap Dr. Gerald Orizama (A Theoretical Physicist) with hopes of completion because this is most likely Destro’s last chance and if this doesn’t work he’ll be retiring from arms dealing a little earlier than he expected.  Good thing for him the mission was a success and Duke and Scarlett are now left with the cleanup when the authorities arrive and Bazooka is now dead after being riddled with bullets from a Cobra agent in the last issue.

Scarlet and Duke attempt to make a getaway when the cops arrive but Scarlet is stopped in her tracks at the site of Bazooka’s body at the bottom of the stairs.  Both Joes surrender and allow themselves to be taken into custody only giving the officers a number to call.  Let’s just say that 30 seconds after that call is made both Duke and Scarlet are let go but not before questioning one of the masked “agents” and getting a bit of a surprise.  And in the hidden Cobra base it seems as if Dr. Orizama has immediately pointed out Destro’s flaw to Dr. Mindbender’s delight, but just as quickly Dr. Orizama makes him look like an ass by bringing up one of Mindbender’s failures years ago when he recognizes him as Dr. Armand Singh.  So after a very successful test run Destro sees this as a chance to make the adjustments to the machine to fix his condition and free him from the suit and metallic mask. However, Baroness sees that as a lesser priority and dismisses his request and reassigns Mindbender to a prior project for Cobra.  Baroness then takes Dr. Orizama and as they talk, he explains that he by no means is eager to leave and would like to continue working for them due to their limitless funding and vast resources.  He simply states “science is science” regardless of who he’s working for.  Back at the P.I.T.T. (G.I. Joe Headquarters) a memorial service is being held for Bazooka as Stalker says a few words for his fallen comrade.

I’m liking this series a little more with each issue, despite it moving at a snail’s pace in the beginning; it’s picking up quite well.  It took fifteen issues for the M.A.S.S. Device to be completed so I’m hoping that the story will kick into overdrive in the next few issues, giving fans less tech talk and that moment where Cobra and the Joes officially become aware of each other’s existence.  Dixon did surprise with a death last issue which I don’t think anyone saw coming, and even though Bazooka wasn’t one of the marque characters he has a history in the Joe franchise.  I think it was a pretty good idea because it ads a bit of reality to the stories. Plus, the fact that once a character is dead we won’t see them come back to life 6 months later because it just wouldn’t fit…which is a relief in this industry where death is literally a revolving door for characters.

Robert Atkins has been doing a fine job with the series whether he’s just drawing covers or contributing with the interiors, which I prefer.  This issue in particular is no different as he nails the likenesses of the characters that long time Joe fans have come to know over the years.  His style just seems to fit perfectly with the slightly over the top action and in some regards is reminiscent of the G.I. Joe comics from the 80s and is just fun to look at with each panel and page.

This is a series I’d suggest for Joe fans regardless of what era you were introduced to the characters because it will either be a step up from what you remember or the continuation of something that was pretty darn good, so either way you can’t lose!

Infinite Speech



  1. Aron White

    Bazooka’s dead?! NOOOOOO! *sniff! sniff!*

    Dammit, Speech! You’re making me want to start picking up this series!

  2. billy

    I’ll bet Alpine is somewhere crying right now. lol

  3. infinite speech

    ouch Billy that was just cold man lol

  4. Aron White

    Billy, that was FROZEN cold!

    Speech, I just got back from the comic shop. Picked up #14 and #15. All…your…fault!

  5. Sorry to say I’m still not fully swayed on this series yet. You’re right though- it’s gotten MUCH better since the first arc, but all this expo is driving me up a freakin’ wall!!

  6. infinite speech

    It really picked up with that Beach Head issue Andy with art and story, but it’s taken fifteen issues for this to come to the point where we’re actually a bit more invested in the story and thats a tad bit too long for me. Hopefully the pace speeds up a little and the story gets better

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