February 28, 2010

Marvel Snapshot: New Characters in the Marvel Universe?

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, it’s great to be back for another Sunday here at Of course you probably think this is being written in a lavish office with all of the day’s modern conveniences, but let me set the record straight. This is being written in the bowels of’s headquarters. Yes, down in the dark, musty basement is where Andy forces me to write my columns. Why you ask? It’s simple really. He knows that being in a filthy, smelly, disgusting work environment will motivate me better than an environment that would cater to my every need. OK, all kidding aside (not really), I want to thank Andy for the opportunity to be part of the team, and also thank all of the people who chimed in on last week’s article. I know some of these are “touchy” subjects, but I think more dialogue about these topics can only lead to good things.

In this week’s edition, I’d like to talk about characters you and I would like to see in the Marvel Universe that are currently residents elsewhere. It could be a DC character, Dark Horse, Top Cow, you name it. I have a couple of people I’d love to see in the 616 universe, and I’m sure you do too. So let’s get this week’s Marvel Snapshot rollin’!

My first and foremost addition to the Marvel U. is easy. I want Batman, plain and simple. His ability to hang with super-powered beings on a weekly basis with just his gadgets and wit is astounding. He even outshines dopey writing, and that’s how I know he’d be great in any universe. He is by far the greatest detective in any comic book bar none. The only thing he could drop is the whole “sidekick” thing. Robin couldn’t carry his jock, so why keep him around; and Batgirl, please, let’s not even go there. I mean Alfred is close enough to being his wife/mother figure, so he doesn’t need a chick around. As long as I’m on the DC train, I’ll take Flash too. He’s way better than Quicksilver. While we’re at it, give me Solomon Grundy, Deadman, and Etrigan also.

OK, so next up I’d like to talk about some miscellaneous characters from all over the place. Hellblazer would be great. I would love to see him interact with Blaze and Ketch, or imagine a confrontation with Mephisto or Blackheart. How about Hellboy? Wouldn’t he be another interesting fellow to throw into the mix? Maybe he could undo that tragedy called One More Day! Or maybe an issue where Archie goes out for a round of golf and meets up with a hot chick, and then later his wife hits him over the head with a golf club…oh wait, that’s been done I guess. Well, at least Jughead could get in some kind of hi-jinks with Bart Simpson maybe?

You get the picture. Let me know what you wish would happen on a serious note, or just have some fun with it. I know a lot of you guys and gals read a vast genre of books, so this should be very interesting. Finally, give a little background on your character if he/she/it isn’t exactly known amongst Marvel or DC zombies. Tune in next week for a change of pace here in Snapshot; I’ll be unveiling a new angle for this column for a few weeks, so don’t miss it. Until next time, keep on posting!

Billy Dunleavy



  1. Kristin

    If someone likes Batman and Flash so much, I don’t know why they wouldn’t just…you know, read DC comics. It seems a little silly to try to bring them into a totally different universe, or into Marvel in general. They don’t belong anywhere else. And frankly, Batman is way too cool for Marvel. Besides, Marvel already has a Batman. His name is Tony Stark.

    I think this is a bit more complicated. I mean, each publisher basically has their own version of character X or Y. So you’re essentitally just saying, I like DC’s version of character type X, not Marvel’s. Or Dark Horse or Image or Topcow….
    It’s like, I’ve got a video game called Nostalgia, that plays a lot like a game called Skies of Arcadia. Nostalgia is pretty average, but Skies of Arcadia has what I really want. So the logical thing would be to put Nostalgia down and play Skies of Arcadia instead. Rather than saying, “I wish I could bring this character or this element from SoA into Nostalgia,” I should just go play SoA. Or play them both, and get everything.

  2. Billy

    Kris, I think you meant to say Batman is too cool for DC. 🙂 I’ve tried numerous times (not lately though) to read DC (Batman, Superman, etc.) and it just fell flat. I felt like it was geared for my great-grand pappy. It seems like they(meaning DC, Indies) have a couple of good characters, but in my opinion the development is all wrong.

  3. I’d like to see Preacher’s Jesse Custer sign on with Nick Fury or Punisher. Punisher MAX though…not that weird Frankencastle shit.

    Also, a Blade vs Cassidy battle would be awesome. Blade would probably win.

    Tulip being trained by Black Widow would be cool as well.

    …oh, and Billy’s lying to you all. He doesn’t work in a musty basement, that’s disgusting. It’s a small kennel.

  4. Drew

    Archie-Zombies, now thats brilliance (although im sure with archie comics, we wil never see it)

  5. billy

    @Andy & Drew-This is kind of stuff I’m talking about. Archie-Zombies sounds awesome! I don’t know Preacher very well but from the looks of it that would be a good story.

  6. I’ve always wanted to see a crossover featuring the (original) Squadron Supreme and the Justice League. I suppose it would be easy enough to drop the SS in the DCU for some meet-up time. It would be interesting to see the two teams interact with each other since the Squad was Marvel’s copy of the League.

  7. If Marvel took hold of Batman, then he wouldn’t be Batman anymore, because he’d be written by different people in a different perspective. He’d be Marvel’s Batman, which wouldn’t BE Batman. You say you don’t like the way DC writes stories or develops characters, but if you like Batman, you must not have all that much of a problem. 🙂 You’re being contradictory.
    And Batman is a total badass, way too cool to putter around the Marvel U. Did you never read the earlier Superman/Batman(Jeph Loeb, I believe) comics? I mean, holy crap, he’s awesome.

    If you want Batman in the Marvel U, then read Iron Man comics. 🙂

  8. billy

    @Bill-That would be interesting for sure. The Sq. Supreme meeting up with the JL = fireworks.
    @Kris-I don’t think it’s contradictory in the least. Most of my Batman experience is with Batman animation for sure, so it’s not really saying that DC is writing anything worth a crap. I own Supes/Bats Public Enemies and that was OK, Hush was OK, Death in the Family was OK. To me Batman the “character” is way better than what he is usually written and would thrive in the Marvel U., not just take up space most of the time like in DCU. Iron Man and Batman couldn’t be more different. Batman’s tragic beginnings and Tony’s descent into alcoholism are their two biggest points in their lives. Two totally different things that make them great. The fact that they both have money isn’t really anything a reader cares about in the long run.

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  10. Those early Superman/Batman books were pretty damn good Kris but I think I understand where Billy is coming from there are characters who are cool where they started from but their current developement is just off and it would be cool to see what someone else would do with them.

    Even if Bats was to go to Marvel I don’t think he as an entity would change that much. How many of the industry writers have written for both Marvel AND DC? Jeph Loeb is responsible for those earlier Supes/Bats issues and now currently writes Hulk for Marvel. I do think that the direction Marvel would have Bruce take would be a bit of a different one than DC but that doesn’t automatically make it a bad thing they would still be building on the foundation that DC established and thats is part of what makes Bruce one of the best characters around

  11. Tim Villarreal

    Why wasn’t Spawn even acknowledged? He’d be great in the Marvel Universe!

  12. Billy

    @Tim- Well, for me personally, I’m not a fan of Spawn, but he does gets some love on here from time to time. Thanks for checkin’ in! 😀

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