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February 27, 2010

Detective Comics #27 sells for $1,075,000!

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Written by: Eli
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No folks, this isn’t a joke, it’s happened again. We now have a second comic book that has sold for over a million dollars. A copy of Detective Comics #27 with a CGC grade of 8.0 has just sold for $1,075,000! That’s $75,000 more than the copy of Action Comics #1 that was sold earlier this week.

So, much like at the box office, Batman has once again eclipsed Superman. Last Monday a copy of Action Comics #1 sold for $1,000,000, setting a then new record for the sale of a comic book. With this most recent sale, Detective Comics #27 is the new record holder.

This book contains a story by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, which is the first appearance of Batman. Interestingly enough, the creators of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, also have a couple of stories in this book, though they’re not related to Batman’s origin. In all, this comic has nine stories in it, including “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate,” the title of Batman’s first story.

With a CGC grade of 8.0, this is one of the finest copies of this book to be graded, with only a handful of copies rating higher. Heritage Auction Galleries handled the auction, and you can view a video tour of the book here.

Like the sale of Superman’s first appearance, the parties involved in this sale remain unidentified. One thing that is known is that the seller of this book purchased it in the late ’60s for $100. Bought for $100, then sold for 1.075 million, that’s over a 10,000% increase.

One week, two comics, and $2,075,000!


Eli Anthony



  1. Billy

    After I get paid next week I’m going to buy both of these I think… 😉

  2. infinite speech

    I’m already ahead of you Billy lol

  3. This was the first appearance of Batman? I always equate “Detective Comics” with “Batman,” so what was going on in the previous 26 issues that didn’t have anything to do with Batman?
    Though it sounds like the series back then was sort of a collection of shorts about whoever they wanted?

  4. They were all crime stories, Kris! This one just introduced a costume vigilante to take’em all out.

    When I heard about this, I re-read the story in my Batman Archives HC and man is it silly. When Commissioner Gordon asks Bruce to accompany him on inspecting a murder scene, Bruce basically says, “Pfft. I guess I have nothing better to do.” LOL!!

  5. Aron White

    Okay. This purchase makes a whole helluva lot more sense than the purchase of Action Comics. I can’t make fun of this unidentified buyer. It’s a smart person! haha!

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