September 21, 2009

Marvel Reviews: Marvel Zombies Return # 1 Review


Publisher: Marvel
Writer:  Fred Van Lente
Artist:  Nick Dragotta
Cover:  Arthur Suydam

“With Great Hunger…”: I’m pretty much a sucker for just about anything related to zombies! However, I almost gave up on the Marvel Zombie franchise and it took quite a bit for me to convince myself to actually pick this issue up.  Installments 3 and 4 just seemed like an excuse to pump out more zombie books due to the zombie boom going on right now. Each issue of  the Marvel Zombies Return series focuses on the  main superhero zombies after they were thinned out. The bad luck magnet of the Marvel Universe,  Spider-Man, gets the spotlight in the first issue!

Starting off with a monologue from The Watcher,  he brings us up to speed by recapping the first 2 Marvel Zombie arcs. Zombified heroes have been scattered across dimensions and after searching for them, he comes across Zombie Spider-Man who appears on Earth. This Earth however is from Peter’s past, and takes place during Amazing Spider-Man # 68 which came out in 1969!  Spidey grabs a paper and reads about an ancient tablet that if deciphered correctly, would reveal the key to eternal youth. Now what zombie lookin’ for redemption wouldn’t want that?!  The only problem is he also remembers that the Kingpin was after this same artifact.

I can actually say that this issue reminded me of why I liked the first series to begin with!  Where I think this book excels and parts 3 and 4 failed, is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Fred Van Lente keeps the book funny when it’s necessary, but still retains a dark tone and tells a good story. Nick Dragotta’s pencils are great as he’s able to give us a “modern” portrayal of Zombie Spidey, and then use that late ’60s style for the rest of the story.  Coming into this I did have low expectations but I was pleasantly surprised! So if you’re not too burnt out on the Marvel Zombie craze, give it a try;  hopefully the rest of the series stays on this path!

Infinite Speech



  1. Kristin

    I loved the original series. It was so cheesy and hilarious. I didn’t think it took itself serious at all. But I ignored it when they went back to it, thinking it would never be as good as the original series. I didn’t want to read something that was just milking the franchise. Especially since they were going totally crazy and putting the zombies all over the place. It really turned me off.

    Watching Spidey go zombie crazy after issues of crying over eating his Aunt May might be pretty amusing though.

  2. InfiniteSpeech

    After reading this issue I wished that THIS was the 3rd arc in the story and Marvel had made us wait instead of just pushing the series out the way they did. This one was just as cheesy and funny to read as well and thats what made enjoy it so much!

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