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September 16, 2009

Character Spotlight: Captain America (Steve Rogers)

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Height:   6ft 2 in1941-captainamericacomics1
Weight:  240 lbs.
Eyes:    Blue
Hair:    Blonde
Powers:  The super soldier serum enabled Rogers to obtain the peak in human perfection. He is now able to lift twice his body weight. He is also expertly trained and has the agility of an Olympic Gymnast.

Base of Operations: New York/ Stark Tower/ S.H.I.E.L.D.
Allies:  Bucky Barnes, Nick Fury, The Falcon, Sharon Carter, The Avengers
Foes:   Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Crossbones, Sin, MODOK, HYDRA and AIM
First Appearance:   Captain America Comics #1 (Timely Comics)  March 1941

Essential Story lines:41827.gif

Captain America Vol. 5 #1-14. 25
Marvel Civil War #1-7
Captain America & The Falcon #153-156
Captain America Vol. 4 #1-6
Captain America: Reborn

Created by: Joe Simon and Jack Kirby

Key Contributors:  Joe Simon, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Syd Shores, Al Avison, John Byrne, Mark Gruenwald, Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting

In the late 1930s Dr. Abraham Erskine was fast at work to prepare American soldiers for the pending world war and the Nazi threat. His result as a part of “Project: Rebirth” was the super soldier serum. A simple injection that can turn any man to the peak of physical condition and create the most resilient, highly trained supreme fighting machine.

Enter young Steve Rogers, a frail artist-to-be that desperately wanted to join the military and help the cause, but was turned away because of his frail physical frame. Upon receiving the injection, Rogers’ body doubled in size instantaneously and all physical defects were removed.

Unfortunately the secret facility where the super soldier serum was administered would not stay secret long, as Nazis invaded the area and murdered Dr. Erskine, who took the super solider secret to his grave. Thus leaving the once frail Steve Rogers as the only super soldier in the world.

CaptainAmerica25VariantArmed with a nearly indestructible red, white and blue shield, and expertly trained in combat and espionage, Rogers donned the now classic red, white and blue uniform with the gallant white star and was christened Captain America. Captain America would become a true source of hope for the Allies during the world war.

Early in his military career Rogers was joined by a young James “Bucky” Barnes who would come to be Rogers’ sidekick. Originally Bucky received the role for simply discovering Rogers’ true identity; later in comic continuity it was revealed that Bucky himself was an incredibly able fighter who was assigned to Rogers in order to perform the less “savory” tasks that the symbol of American freedom, Rogers, could not be caught doing.

Together Cap and Bucky fought their way through the Nazi ranks, defeating both soldiers and heavy weights such as the Red Skull, Iron Cross and Agent Axis. To help in their pursuits, Rogers and Bucky fought alongside comic greats, the Invaders – a supreme fighting team including the Sub-Mariner Namor and the original Human Torch.

Unfortunately things would not always go according to plan for Captain America and Bucky. In a last-ditch effort to apprehend the German super scientist Baron Zemo, who was attempting to steal an experimental drone plane, Cap and Bucky leapt to the side of the plane where Captain America lost his hold and fell to the icy waters below. Poor Bucky was strapped to the side of the plane as it self destructed, seemingly ending his life.

Upon his fall Captain America was essentially flash frozen in suspended animation, to later be thawed by the Avengers in Avengers #6. Now alive again, years past his time and haunted by the death of Bucky, Captain America was forced to live as an alien in his own country. He accepted the invitation to join the Avengers and quickly became the team’s leader.

Captain America and his Avengers have been a long standing staple in the Marvel Universe, often hailed as the best and most noble of the costumed heroes. Rogers has created no small legacy for himself.

However this was not to live forever, as he would become a martyr for hiscaptainamerica25 cause during the epic “Civil War” summer event. Captain America was gunned down and killed by arch enemy the Red Skull in Captain America #25 ( vol. 5). This single action resonated so deeply in the comic community that real life news affiliates such as the New York Times, featured the death of the fictional hero on their front pages.

Although recently revamped in the mini series Captain America: Reborn, it is yet to be seen how Cap will once again live in a world he doesn’t know, or alongside allies turned enemies during the Civil War.

Ryan Fisher



  1. Eli

    Nice job with Cap! I like the listing of essential story lines.

  2. billy

    Cap rules!

  3. Kristin

    Sooo annoyed that they’re bringing him back already.

  4. With any of these Character Spotlights, the Essential Storylines portion is interpretive at best, so if you ever feel as though one is missing that should be there, never hesitate to leave it in the comments. All it does is encourage people to read more.

  5. I’m enjoying Rebirth… Bryan Hitch is a fantastic artist and Brubaker is awesome.

  6. Casey

    I’m really liking the Character Spotlights so far. I’m newer to comics and wow… there’s a lot of stuff to learn. I like the short and sweet, get to the point thing you’ve got going on here. Looking forward to new articles 🙂

  7. InfiniteSpeech

    One of the best characters in comic book history!

  8. The Movie Lady

    I like the covers.

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