February 14, 2010

Valentine’s Day Comic Cover Bonanza!

Well hello there fanboys and girls, Happy Valentine’s Day. Back in December we ran the gamut of Christmas themed comic book covers, and today we pay tribute to Valentine’s Day with a plethora of lovey-dovey themed covers! So grab that special someone where it counts and enjoy these lovely works of art!

Can you feel the love tonight?

Andy Liegl



  1. Why is it when I see either Emma Frost or Black Canary Rick James’ song Super Freak always comes to mind lol Love that last caption!

  2. Drew

    OH BATMAN SAY IT AINT SO!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I Love the covers X-Men . <3 And Emma Frost *_*
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Billy

    I love that Brave & Bold #197 with Scarecrow!

  5. My favorite is the Gambit/Rogue X-Men cover. Then Emma Frost covers by Greg Horn, followed by Mystique/Iceman!

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  7. You totally missed one of my favorite comic covers. There’s a gorgeous X-Men issue, #204 I think, that came out a couple of years ago, featuring Rogue and Gambit on the front. Looked just like a pin-up poster. It’s gorgeous, and I picked up the issue just for the cover.

  8. billy

    @Kris-Yeah it was #204, before it became “Legacy”.

  9. Kristin

    OK, I just went back and looked at that last one again. That’s hilarious.

  10. I LOVE that panel! Such a classic! Pedo-Man has been busy.

  11. Josh

    ‘I choo choo choose you’…classic! haha

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