February 13, 2010

Andrea Grant Presents the new Web Comic “Ready to Where?”

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Written by: Andy
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Step aside Models Inc. and make way for the new web comic series Ready to Where? presented by and woman’s pop fiction writer, the sexy Andrea Grant. Ready to Where? targets the teenage girl/Hollywood glamour crowd as it features the adventures of Athena Park, editor-in-chief of a major online fashion magazine. Athena is a big name in New York City, and the fashion guru gets invited to the most glam and high brow parties, events, and fashion shows, mingling with the cities most elite and interesting characters. Despite her highly renowned social status, Athena is but a passenger on the ship of love as she’s on a “quest for Mr. Right in a city where there are a lot of Mr. Wrongs.”

“I started working as a fashion editor 2 years ago,” says series creator Andrea Grant. “I’ve always wanted to do a fashion comic and portray the hilarity of this industry, where people are sometimes caricatures of themselves.  Fashion moves so fast, and it infiltrates music, film, art, and design – so of course there’s always something epic happening. [Ready to Where? is] the first ever fashion inspired web comic series. We developed this series to allow women an entertaining escape into the world of fashion through the adventures of our heroine, Athena Park. Comic books aren’t just for guys anymore.”

Indeed they aren’t, especially when considering titles like Terry Moore’s Stranger’s in Paradise and Echo, Image’s The Sword, Vertigo’s Fables, IDW’s Fallen Angel, etc., etc., not to mention the slew of top tier superheroines like Power Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Emma Frost. However, Ready to Where? gives new female comic readers a more relatable introduction to the medium, which will hopefully allow their tastes to expand and grow elsewhere. Plus, it’s free!

"Ready to Where?" part 1

The web series can be found by clicking here, and this page will be updated with new strips twice a week. Liza Biggers provides the art and Andrea Grant pens the script. Here at, we recently plugged an appearance by Andrea on the G4 show Women of the Web 2. She is the founder of Copious Amounts Press and writes the Native American mythology/contemporary fantasy graphic novel series, MINX. Oh, and she’s hot as hell.

Even in death, Zippy the Zebra couldn't be happier.

Andy Liegl



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