February 12, 2010

Dark Horse Announces new Star Wars Series: Knight Errant!

Cover to "Knights of the Old Republic #50", the final issue of the series.

This Fall, writer John Jackson Miller (Mass Effect: Redemption) continues his run in the Star Wars Universe with the new series, Knight Errant!  After finishing up the final arc of Knights of the Old Republic with issue #50, Miller will introduce the character of Kerra Holt: a young Jedi who discovers her true role in the galaxy is far more important than anything she could have possibly imagined!  Knight Errant takes place 1,000 years before Episode I: The Phantom Menace during a time that’s referred to as “The Dark Age of the Republic” where the Sith are in control and the Republic, stretched too thin, is unable to protect the galaxy from the Dark Side of the Force. To quote Dark Horse, Miller is going to an “uncharted corner of the galaxy” that “will give fans a whole new perspective” on the Star Wars mythos.

“There’s such wonderful chaos going on in the galaxy in this period,” Miller explained, “More than a generation before Darth Bane introduced the Rule of Two, Sith Lords are colliding not just with the Republic, but with each other. Kerra’s going to find that good intentions just may not be enough in a galaxy gone mad! This is a wide-open area to explore, and I’m thrilled that Dark Horse and Del Rey have given me this opportunity to do so.”

Sounds pretty awesome to me! Given how emphasis is being placed on this time period of the Star Wars expanded universe being mostly unwritten, it feels similar to Star Wars: Legacy in that the story has free reign to move and develop without having the crutch of cross referencing everything with the rest of the Star Wars canon.  Miller mentions Del Rey because the book company is simultaneously publishing a novel series set in the same time period and starring the same characters as Knight Errant. Think of them as companion stories to what’s going on in the comics, and vice-versa. This is the first time Dark Horse is doing something like this, and it echoes what Vertigo has produced with Bill Willingham’s Fables series with the successful Peter & Max novel. I like the idea as it’s a great opportunity to cross mediums in a way that fans (especially Star Wars fans) can relate to.

Look for Star Wars: Knight Errant this Fall and stay tuned to for preview images when they become available!

Andy Liegl



  1. infinite speech

    I’ll give it a shot only because it’s completely brand new territory for the franchise. I’m expecting them to take full advantage of this freedom and maybe add another star wars book to my collection.

  2. billy

    Sounds like they have a good beginning on their hands. Lets hope it translates into a long run. Great job Andy!

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