February 11, 2010

Indie Reviews: The Rat-Catcher’s Son

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Written by: Drew
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Art and Writing: Doug Lefler

Filmmaker/Writer/Artist Doug Lefler has a website where he posts daily updates to read for his graphic tale Seven Extraordinary Things for free, as reviewed here. Also on the site is his journal section where he creates short comics as character studies to explore different things, the latest being The Rat-Catcher’s Son.

This short will take you not even 5 minutes to read and is a whimsical little tale of competition back in medieval days. There is not too much I can write here without giving the whole thing away to you except that Lefler’s art is great, nice-crisp black and white and to the point. I enjoyed how much he told of the short story with just visual art and not a single word. Looking at the short, I actually think he didn’t need to write a single word on the page, the whole thing could have been told without an ounce of dialogue; not to say his writing isn’t good but it’s unnecessary for this piece. Lefler’s background as a story board artist pays off, but it pays off so well I don’t care about any of his writing on this short because everything is so clearly told visually. I look forward to seeing what other shorts unfold over the next few months on the site.

The Rat-Catcher’s Son is a fantastic read. Click here to check it out.

Drew McCabe



  1. Holy moly! It reminds me of Prince Valiant! I’ll have to read it later 🙂

  2. Very cool Drew; thanks for getting the word out about this!!

  3. very good read!

  4. billy

    The art definitely looks good. I like stories about medieval times so I might have to pick this up. I’m a big Black Knight fan!:)

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