February 10, 2010

Zenescope Announces new Tales From Wonderland Series!

Good news Wonderland fans! Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a third installment of the Tales From Wonderland series! Tales is a companion title to the Wonderland Trilogy (Return to Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland, Escape From Wonderland) and will be released as three one-shot issues starting in May and carrying over into June and July.

Says series co-creator and Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco, “When we came up with this world there were so many ideas and characters and pieces involved that we knew telling Calie’s story would only be a piece of what we created. This allows us to continue multiple spin off story-lines within an incredible universe that our fans have fallen in love with.”

The first of the three one-shots is titled “The White Knight,” followed by “The Flower Girls,” and concludes with “Queen of Hearts vs. Mad Hatter.” For those who may be unfamiliar with Zenescope’s Wonderland stories, it “reinvents the mythology as a supernatural horror story which is told as a sequel to the Lewis Carroll classic.  It follows a now adult Alice who also battles mental illness and her strong-willed teenage daughter, Calie, as they deal with putting a stop to an evil entity intent on crossing over from Wonderland into this world.”

Check out an interview Escape From Wonderland writer Raven Gregory did for a short time ago by clicking here!

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  1. Billy

    These guys sure know how to draw a lady. 🙂

  2. that horse doesn’t look half bad too Billy lol

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