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February 6, 2010

DC Previews: Batgirl #7

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Written by: Jordan
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Batman has been shot down in Devil’s Square and it’s up to Batgirl and Robin to save the day. Can they reach Batman before Roulette wins this game? From writer Bryan Q. Miller and artist Lee Garbett comes Batgirl #7; look for this issue to hit shelves next Wednesday, February 10th. For your viewing pleasure, here is a preview!

I have really taken a liking to this book. I was never a big fan of Steph’s, but this series has totally turned me around. Throw Damian into the mix and absolute hilarity ensues. Let’s just hope after this issue the new team isn’t called Batgirl and Robin, though it might not be so bad.

Jordan West



  1. This book is getting better and better with each issue, and now that Tim and Damian are getting involved, I’m stoked!

  2. billy

    The story sounds good but I’m not a fan of the artwork. Good preview J.

  3. Jordan

    Thanks Billy!

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