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February 5, 2010

Marvel/Icon Reviews: Kick-Ass #8

Publisher: Marvel/Icon
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita Jr.
Cover: John Romita Jr.

“When Titans Pimp Slap”: It’s been quite a while since the last issue of Kick-Ass was released, and whether you want to chalk it up to the series being fantastic or just hype, the fans have been eagerly waiting for the final chapter to hit the stands. We comic fans are a greedy bunch, and when our books regularly don’t come out on time we get a little ticked off and some will even drop the title. Well, I’ll let you know that if you were one of the minute few who dropped this book, then you missed out on one of the best titles to hit the shelves in the past couple of years!

You would think that after getting his testicles fried with a car battery and Hit-Girl seeing her father executed, that Kick-Ass and this pint sized powerhouse of destruction would turn tail and run from mob boss John Genovese and his goons.  Quite the opposite actually, as the two are going to see this to the very blood-soaked end.  This issue is pure action from the moment those elevator doors open and the goons are introduced to Hit-Girl’s flame thrower and the two young heroes split up to make their way to their intended targets.  Kick-Ass finds Red Mist pretty quickly and shows him what a guy with sticks can do.  Hit-Girl is working her way to the boss, and it’s pretty funny to see that these guys are nervous and scared of a little girl and her beat up partner whom they were torturing earlier.  After literally cutting her way through a few guards, she’s grabbed and Genovese goes to work on the little girl’s face with a meat tenderizer.  Kick-Ass arrives minutes later holding a gun he took from Red Mist and fires off the best shot in the entire book at Genovese; and while he’s screaming in pain, Hit-Girl delivers the final blow. When all the blood and smoke has cleared, Hit-Girl turns to Kick-Ass crying and asks for a hug.

Millar and JRjr. brought us full circle with the last issue and kicked it into overdrive with this one here! There were too many great moments in this book for me to pick just one, and I thought that after all the fighting was done and the pacing slowed down the story continued to excel.  Dealing with the aftermath of everything in a realistic manner; well, as realistic as you can get in comics, in which a vigilante gets a chance to live a normal life, a confessed love is brutally rejected, and a villain plots his revenge.  Some of it is just so pathetic that it’s funny and I think that’s the great part of the entire series’s run. Millar and JRjr.  stumbled onto something great here, and it wasn’t excessively violent and vulgar just for shock value; there is a story here and I’m actually surprised someone didn’t do this earlier.  So don’t judge a book by its cover or title, or you will probably end up missing out on something pretty cool.  I almost did.

So with the series over we will have to wait until the movie release to get any more Kick-Ass action, though the end of this issue does tease that something else may be on the horizon.  I’m a little more content to wait a year or so if  Millar and JRjr. are going to pump out this level of quality work for us to enjoy yet again. Also kudos to JRjr. for coming by the site and shedding some light on the delays of the title; I don’t know too many guys that would have done that, but thanks for taking the time out man!

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  1. Yeah this issue was fucking awesome. The scene where Hit Girl was getting beat up with the meat tenderizer was a little disturbing, but in that good way where you know it’s only fiction. (Phew!)

  2. Billy

    that is definitely one of the best story titles for a comic book ever.

  3. Everything that happened in that book and the meat tenderizer scene disturbed you? You frighten me a little Andy lol

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