February 3, 2010

Denys Cowan signing at Collector’s Paradise in LA today!

Artist Denys Cowan is best known for his acclaimed run on The Question in the late 80s/early 90s (which was written by the legendary Denny O’Neil) as well as being a co-creator of Milestone Media, the now DC imprint company that features such characters as Icon and the Teen Titan, Static. Today from 4pm-8pm Denys will be appearing at Collector’s Paradise in Los Angeles signing copies of The Question #37 (a Blackest Night tie-in) and Milestone Forever #1! Both books come out today and look to be solid chapters in their respective universes.

Cowan revives his role as artist for The Question #37 which will be written by Greg Rucka (Detective Comics, Whiteout) and features a match-up between Vik Sage, the original Question, and his replacement, Renee Montoya! The 2 issue Milestone Forever series, written by Dwayne McDuffie with art by a plethora of people (including Denys who does some work on Hardware- a character he co-created), reveals the final fate of each of the company’s launch characters in a story that literally ends one universe in order to pave the way for something new that will majorly effect the DC Universe!

See you tonight at Collector’s Paradise!

Andy Liegl



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  2. Eli

    I wish I had a lcs to host things like this. Have fun tonight at your fancy-shmancy Collector’s Paradise Andy.

  3. Steve

    Get me something signed.

  4. Billy

    The Question +1 🙂

  5. looks like a trip to LA is in my future lol

  6. Dude, I hope you’re being serious!

  7. I can miss only so many great events before I have to immerse myself lol

  8. […] for a few more pages.  The art in the book was handled by several of Milestone’s finest like Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon, Mark Bright to name a few and from page to page the book looks great.  Iwould […]

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