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September 14, 2009

FREE Batman Arkham Asylum DLC!


Oh, Edios, how you posses the key to my heart. As if DLC period wasn’t enough for us stealth/action junkies, this time around it’s FREE. Over the weekend Eidos announced that DLC was coming soon via the news ticker on the Batman Arkham Asylum menu screen. And when they said “soon” they meant this Thursday, September 17th!

“Totally Insane” is the FreeFlow Combat  map hitting Xbox 360, PS3 and PC where Batman squares off against wave after wave of criminals in Arkham’s secure records facility. The next is “Nocturnal Hunter” Invisible Predator challenge where you’ll have to use those super ninja skills and strategic sneaking to take out Joker’s henchmen.

The fact that both of these maps are absolutely FREE still tingles me in ways I’m too embarrassed to fully admit. Hopefully this is just the beginning of regular DLC injections Batman Arkham Asylum will receive. Understandably, they won’t always be free, but BAA is an amazing enough game for me to drop $10 every now and then for new content.

But what kinds of BAA DLC do you guys want to see in the future? The armor you unlock for challenge mode after beating the story mode is sick, but how about some classic stuff? A black costume complete with yellow oval around the bat, or Dick Grayson’s current Batman suit? Or some new skins completely. I would love to execute some silent takedowns as Robin, Nightwing or Alfred!

Check out The Comics Console this Thursday when the new DLC drops and I’ll let you know how “Totally Insane” and “Nocturnal Hunter” turn out!

Andrew Hurst



  1. Ryan

    As I was playing through the game I kept looking for a hint of Robin or Dick in generally and was really surprised when none came up. I think adding Robin to the mix as a playable character, if even in just the challenges, would be a great addition to an already amazing game. I can’t wait for the sequel already.

  2. Kristin

    Free DLC is always nice. Since it’s coming out so soon, the fact that it’s free eases the sting (and the inevitable comments) that it may be something that should have been on disc at launch. When it’s free, people won’t bring up such complaints.

  3. InfiniteSpeech

    so it’s just new challenge maps? Not that i’m ungrateful because Microsoft is pretty petty when it comes to companies wanting to give away DLC but there’s already plenty of challenge maps to master. Now if the stages are completely new thats a different story. And if ever there are Robin skins or Nightwing skins then i’d prefer that the fighting styles differ and you get specific moves with each character…hell maybe even a Damien skin would be nice!

  4. billy

    OMG this game looks spectacular.

  5. The Movie Lady

    Sounds awesome!

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