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January 30, 2010

Jeff’s Comic Room Makeover

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Written by: Jeff
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I am incredibly indecisive.

I am so thankful for Urbanspoon on my iPhone, which tells me where to eat out. I have the hardest time making decisions about certain things…not the big stuff, mind you, but things like what shirt to wear in the morning or which album to listen to next.

So I need some help, ComicAttackers.

This month, my wife and I are buying a house (Whoo-hoo!). It’s a great old house, circa 1915. Its got tons of room for our growing family. We landed on this house after a crazy dream I had; I dreamed our realtor showed us an historic house with tons of rooms. In fact, in the dream I said, “Man, this house has TONS of rooms…I might even get to have a comic book room!” The following week, our realtor did, in fact, show us a house with tons of rooms. Perhaps there was a glitch in the Matrix, but it got me all kinds of excited!

I finally get to have my comic book room!

Like many historic houses, this one has a crazy layout. But upstairs, there are 5 rooms which could be bedrooms. Our kids are still little, and aren’t quite ready for their own rooms, so we get to be creative with them. My wife has designated one a playroom, one an art room for the kids, and two guest rooms. She is kind and gracious enough (is she reading this?) to let me have one room to do whatever I wish. She calls it my “office,” but as all good fanboys and fangirls know, this is going to be my “Man-Lair.”

A snapshot of the room…

But like I said, I need some help. I’m proposing that the fandom of ComicAttack.net help me decorate my comic book room. You heard me right, I want YOU to help me decorate this room.

Over the course of the next few months, as we transition into this new space, I’ll be chronicling the evolution of this room. This column will be a place to discuss ideas, be incredibly creative, and most importantly, be a place to VOTE on what needs to be done. Everything from flooring to paint, from comic book storage to decorations, I need you to free me from the tyranny of indecisiveness. Feel free to send in your own specific, creative ideas, and have them posted here. Like all good make-over shows, this one has a tight (read: non-existent) budget, so ideas must be artistically, functionally, and financially creative.

First on the agenda is a name for this very column. I’ve come up with some names for the column, with the help of Andy, but can’t quite settle on one. So vote below for one of the names I came up with, or choose “Other” and write your own idea in the comments below. If your idea rocks my socks, I’ll send you a free comic book (and not a sucky one, I promise).

Next time: Gasp at the Horror of–The Current Comic Space! AAAHHH!

Jeff Jackson