February 4, 2010

A Dandy Review: The Muppet Show #1

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Written by: DecapitatedDan
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Title: The Muppet Show #1
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Roger Langridge
Artist: Roger Langridge

“Roger Langridge’s celebrated run on THE MUPPET SHOW continues with this first issue of the new ongoing series! With the theater in disarray after the events of PEG-LEG WILSON, the Muppet gang decides to take their show on the road! Is the world ready for traveling Muppet minstrels?”

Welcome one and all. Your glorious goofballs, Andy Liegl and Decapitated Dan, sat down a few weeks ago and read The Muppet Show #1 for another Dandy Review! Here is what they thought of it… Muh-na-ma-nah!

Dan: Ah childhood. What a free fun time where all I had to do was sit back, watch cartoons and enjoy life. “WELL WAKE UP DAN!” It’s 2010, you’re 27 and  you can never go back to that time. Or can I? What, time travel you say? No, no, no, but perhaps reading a book based on a show I used to watch will help. I was a big fan, at least I recall being a big fan, of the Muppet Show and Muppet Babies due to my young age of course, so the characters are still in my mind and I am looking forward to diving into this issue to drum up some past joy.

Andy: Wait, it’s 2010 and I’m 25!? Holy crap. I think I left my pants in the dryer, like, 15 years ago… anyway, I too watched the Muppet Babies cartoon as a child and remember laughing my ass off at some of the movies. Recently I checked out BOOM! Studios’ Muppet Robin Hood which was highlarious. Of course, I’m a big fan of Robin Hood so that may have had something to do with it. So start us out Dan; did it bring you back to a simpler time of reading comics and pooping your pants? (…so I guess some things never change, huh?)

Dan: While I do still have the pooping problem, thanks for sharing that info BTW!, BFF stands for Best Friends Fuckyouover I guess. Anyways, I really enjoyed the way that this issue was written. It just makes you feel like you’re watching the Muppet Show. It’s all in the dialogue, as you get the witty banter back and forth, the hilarious news anchor at the beginning and the tirades of Miss Piggy. It was bend over can’t stop laughing jokes, but it is what I would expect to find when picking up this issue. What did you think Andy?

Andy: I thought it was pretty good. I wasn’t bending over laughing but it was definitely an amusing read. So in that regard, my expectations were met. However, the fact that the majority of this issue was the Muppets doing a live performance pissed me off a little bit. After reading, I was wishing that this issue had been an actual sketch done by the puppet Muppets as opposed to a comic. I’m sure on screen this issue would be hysterical! Which skit of the performance was your favorite Dan?

The opening scene of the issue that Dan keeps blabbing about. Click to enlarge.

Dan: You know I really enjoyed the opening bit and the Fozzie Bear ending the most. Unlike you I thought that it read spot on, to what I would find in an episode of the show. My downside to the issue was seeing the Muppets as art and not as Muppets. While I found some characters had a good resemblance others seemed really off to me. That is not to say the art was lacking in the issue, just that maybe not everything can be easily translated. What did you think?

Andy: About the art? I thought it looked (dare I say?) just dandy! Overall, this issue was no Muppet Robin Hood, but it was definitely Muppet goodness. I give it a 3/5 rating.

…which is more points than the Saints will score this Super Bowl Sunday when Manning destroys the New Orleans secondary. Sorry man, but the Saints aren’t takin’ the big game before my Dirty Birds!!

Dan: Wow! Bring that into it huh? No comments I’m not jinxing my Bayou Boys.

Overall I enjoyed this issue. It conveys exactly what I would expect to see on the small screen. The jokes are almost taken straight from the original writing staff, and that ain’t a bad thing at all. So if you are looking for a blast from the past that comes with some chuckles on the side, check this one out. A solid 3.5/5.

Well that does it for this Dandy Review ladies and gents! Check back in soon when the guys discuss and exchange banter on a comic from Radical Publishing!

Decapitated Dan

Andy Liegl



  1. I thought about picking this title up just because I have great memories of watching the actual Muppet Show..damn I still know the opening theme song lol

  2. Drew

    Good to know. I’ve been on the fence about reading this title, but for the past few nights before bed have been watching ‘Fraggle Rock’ it got me thinking about Henson-comic book adaptations. Will pick this up and the upcoming Muppet King Arthur title.

  3. If you guys are Muppets fans, you’ll definitely dig it!

  4. billy

    That T.V. show was something I looked forward to every week. The special guest stars, Beeker, the Swedish Chef, Pigs in Space, Fozzy Bear, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Gonzo, Stadler and Waldorf……….I miss being a kid.

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