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September 12, 2009

Gotta Have It! Statue Edition: X-23 Comiquette, Regular Edition

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Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the latest from the Marvel Comiquette line, X-23. Based on the NY:X series and the Target X storyline, X-23 captures Laura Kinney at her finest, with Adamantium laced claws ready for action. Hand painted and hand finished to exacting standards, X-23 is recreated here in outstanding, breathtaking detail.
– Sideshow Collectibles

Manufacturer: Sideshow Collectibles
Released: 2009 (Limited to 750)
Retail Price: US $199.99

One of my favorite mutants, X-23 was cloned from a damaged genetic sample from Weapon X and trained as a killer. Currently gracing the pages of X-Force, X-23 is both beautiful and deadly.

Packaging: X-23 comes in a black box with blood red accents showcasing pictures of the polystone statue itself. The top of the box shows the upper torso of X-23, showing her adamantium claws and inviting you to open the box with her eyes. The front gives a shot of most of her torso and upper thigh, where she looks coyly to the side. Box side panels show off the statue cast in shadow, with insets of lowly-lit close ups of her back and upper body. Finally, on the back of the box, we get to see the entire statue. X-23’s smirk is directed slightly to the right, daring that invisible person over your shoulder to bring it on. To the right of X-23 is one of the longest bios I have ever seen on a box, written in light blue font. The only problem I found with the box was that the pictures show her eyes as brown, which is misleading, as the statue actually has them painted green.

Some assembly required.

Some assembly required.

Assembly: The 18” statue comes packed in foam in 6 pieces: two arms, two foot claws, X-shaped base, and main body. Two pegs on the bottom of X-23’s left foot go into holes in the base, giving the statue fairly decent stability. The foot claws each have a T-shaped base, which slide into each of the boots, blending in. Now here’s the really cool part that had me playing with the statue for a long time: her arms magnetically attach to the statue! I know, it takes so little to please me, but I have not seen anything like it. I spent hours taking her arms off, just to pop them back on. Overall, the assembly is a piece of cake, and it should take you no longer than a minute or two to have X-23 ready to go.

Just a warning, though: I have heard some horror stories of magnets falling out of the arms because of improper gluing and some breakage of the statue during transport (hair strands broken off, decapitation, etc.). If you are looking at getting X-23, I would recommend looking at her in a store first instead of buying her off a website, just in case. Of course, mine came from a website, and she looks great, so you can still go that route. It’s really up to you, but here’s a heads-up anyway.

The Statue: First off, I think she looks friggin’ awesome. There. Now I’ve said it. Oh wait, you want a little more detail? Okay, I can do that.

X23fullfrontX-23 is standing upright on the red X-base, which has a silver “23” embedded in the upper right corner. Most of her weight is on her left leg, with the toe of her right foot resting on the base, knee bent, resulting in the slight lowering of her right hip. Her left hip juts out just a bit, and she twists her torso to the left, holding up her clawed fists to show off to the world. Her head is tilted down, and her emerald gaze is slightly to the left, a small smirk plays on her lips and her eyebrow is quirked. Two strands of hair fall away on either side of her face, while the rest of her ebony hair is tucked behind her left ear and held back by her shoulder on the right. The overall effect is a confident, somewhat playful X-23, who can kick your butt and dares you to prove otherwise.

X23closefrontClad in grey and black combat boots that even have detailed shoelaces, X-23 nonetheless unsheathes her silver foot claws that shine in the light. Her pants are a glossy black, with grey panels on the inside of her legs and around her mid-thigh. Her knees sport gold patches, and the black belt resting low on her hips blends into the top of her pants, with the familiar X logo in gold as a buckle. X-23’s toned midriff is bare, showing off her belly button and small waist. The black bra top, fingerless gloves and choker match the pants in glossiness, while her bare knuckles frame her claws, again a shiny metal silver.

I must say that I was impressed with the details on this simple outfit. The soles of the boots have treads, the belly button is actually sculpted, and the paint job is well done. There is very little bleeding, and it’s hardly noticeable. I like that the outfit is a glossy black, reflecting the light a little bit more and really making X-23 stand out. I also enjoy the fact that they didn’t make her overly muscular, as can happen with some super heroes. Rather, X-23 sports an athletic build, which makes her very sexy.

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition (limited to 300) includes a gold locket dangling from X-23’s black choker.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5; her foot claws come out almost too easily, and this is a softer X-23 than what most are used to, but the overall quality is excellent.

Kelly McNamara




  1. InfiniteSpeech

    Sideshow Collectibles did a gret job with this one! And the softer look works for her because of her age too…she can’t be feral and flexin’ all of the time lol I wish I could just buy all the statues that I’ve wanted from Sidewhow!

  2. Gorgeous statue!

  3. She does look good. I’m not familiar with the character though, so I can’t compare that way. But as a figure it’s well made.
    I’m not sure it’s worth $200 though; that seems rather over priced. I can get other statues/figures that look just as good, for half that.
    But then, I guess it is a limited figure, so I suppose that drives up the price.

  4. billy

    The statue looks cool but $200 and you have too put it together? Yikes!!!

  5. Kelly

    I agree, Speech; the softer X-23 has been missing for a while, and I think this reminds everyone that she is still a human young adult, albeit one trained to kill you in the blink of an eye.

    As for price, Kris, this is actually pretty decent. The statue is large as far as comic statues go (a whopping 18″), and it’s one of the largest in Dee’s and my collection. I know there’s a 10″ Bucky as Capt. America statue being sold for $250 and he’s only 10 or 11 inches! Besides, a little 6″ bust can go for $60 or more nowadays. Yeah, prices are rising, but I don’t do drugs and drink rarely, so this is where my money goes. And statues are a good investment!

  6. The Movie Lady

    She looks great!

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