December 29, 2009

Andrea Grant to be Featured on G4!

Andrea Grant, the President and founder of Copious Amounts Press, will be featured on G4’s Women of the Web 2 which airs this Wednesday, December 30th at 7pm EST. The show claims to find the hottest, sexiest, and most plugged women on the internet and…well, I’m not sure what happens on the show but one thing is for certain: it’s full of eye candy galore. Grant was selected for the show because of her graphic novel series MINX and Pin-Up-Poet art book.

Says Andrea, “I was thrilled when G4 called me up, because I am taking MINX in a new direction for 2010. This is the first time people will get to see the amazing art of Rey Arzeno.”


MINX, which is written by Andrea, merges Native American mythology with contemporary fantasy by following the adventures of the title character in a plane of existence called Dreamtime:  the alternate reality people go when they sleep. The plot thickens for Minx as she is “charged with protecting her Native people from a complex agenda that seeks to transform nightmares into realities and realities into nightmares.” Sounds spooky. Andrea is also the author of the poetry/photo collection entitled The Pin-Up Poet that “contains the iconoclasts of the women trapped in poet Andrea Grant’s head.” Each short story contains pin-ups of the author, further suggesting the intentions of the fictitious women. And believe me, these ladies aren’t your typical Church girls! …whatever that means.


Andrea is also working on a new web comic project that launches in 2010 entitled Ready to Where?.

Andy Liegl



  1. InfiniteSpeech

    Ray Arzeno looks to be a pretty good artist, might have to check G4 out tomorrow.

  2. Jason

    I don’t know how she got this gig, her comic books all suck, and she looks like an old women! Is it the hottest old women of the web?

  3. sasha

    I do not know about Andreas comic books, no one buys them, but I do love the idea of Iva being on that list! She is more than hott!!

  4. Jason

    She is an old lady, I do not think she should be on this list!

  5. Jason must be an ex-boyfriend…

  6. The Movie Lady

    I don’t think she looks old here, I think she looks hot. Although without the hard core make up that’s she’s wearing here she looks like a completely different person.

  7. Peggy

    Eat your cold stony heart out, Jason. Andrea is not old; she is elegant and beautiful and creative!

  8. Sasha

    I think Jason is right! She does look like an old lady, and her comics really do suck!

  9. Sasha must be an ex-girlfriend…

  10. Casey

    That’s funny guys, so anyone who thinks Andrea is too old to be a women of the web must have slept with Andrea? I have to say, I do not think she is very pretty, but she is just doing her thing so who cares if she is an old lady or not? I see someone put Iva Slashers stuff up here, The truth about that is Iva and Andrea both were engaged to Andy Lee the zen painter so I am guessing that Sasha and Jason must have been friends with Iva and Andy Lee? What I do know is I am going to tell on you 2 to Iva, she would hate to know someone was using her good name in this way!

  11. InfiniteSpeech

    lol @ Andy! Never read the books but the art looks pretty good here

  12. iva

    I was told about this, I hope it can be removed! I fired my last personal assistant for being a bully to people on myspace, I hate that you people put this silly, petty crap out here with my name on it! BTW the art work looks very cool, good luck with all of this Miss Grant! Iva Slasher

  13. InfiniteSpeech

    @ Casey – A sexual relationship was never mentioned you came to that conclusion on your own. Two people can be together without it being sexual so calm down and grow up a little. It was a joke, there are so many more important things in the world to be “offended” about.

    I understand the comments on her WORK if someone has actually read it and did or did not like it but the comments on her looks have nothing to to with how well she writes and these guys decided they really wanted to bash her appearence and age. Maybe if it’s that big a deal she made the list then they should get on the panel next time to vote.

  14. billy

    You all must be getting some high quality tang if you think she’s old or ugly. Personally, I’d drink her bath-water. 🙂

  15. Thank you so much Andy for posting this article. Come 2010 I’ll have been “in industry” a year. It has been a great experience thus far. Meeting Andrea was most definitely highlight; I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with her on Minx and am very confident things will only get better.
    Thank you all for the positive feed back; I genuinely appreciate it. Still being relatively new to all this, I have to say that I was really taken aback by the mean spirited and immature comments made. I suppose we just have to take the good with the bad when dealing with public opinion.

    @ Iva – Commendable and professional response. You’ve won another admirer. Thank you for the compliment.

    Regards to all and Happy New Year,
    Rey Arzeno

  16. Drew

    2 things here, first off I thought ‘old’ was like a 65 year old woman, not this woman, she is not “old” guys. In fact she’s super cute.

    Secondly if you take a look at a writer like Stan Lee, sure he is amazing and revolutionized comics, right? However looking at Stan’s entire body of work, there’s a lot of garbage there too, not everything he did was gold. I don’t think anybody has ever churned out win after win. So if you are one of those peeps who wrote something like “oh her comics suck”, it doesn’t mean that she wont have moments of amazement and that aside different strokes for different folks, someone out there could love this to death.

    Just read the book for yourselves 🙂

  17. NS

    Is this Iva the old lady your talking about? cause this Minx girl is a classic beauty, i can see why she is on here. that classic pinup stuff is fantastic, but the link Sasha sent, she is pretty scary

  18. I think anyone that thinks this woman looks old must be in their teens…I guess to them, she would look old. To me, no way in hell does she look old. As for her comics, haven’t seen them, so couldn’t say. But the accompanying art looks fine to me!

  19. iva

    It would be really cool if people would stop saying my name in any of this! All anyone should be talking about is Miss Grant, this is her day just leave it at that. For those who find me scary, I do in many photos because they are from horror films I have done so that means they did a great job with what they were trying to do, and just for the record I am 26. Sorry to Miss Grant for what others have said, I do not know these people, and as you know we can not stop others from being cruel. FYI I plan to watch the show, congrats! Iva.

  20. InfiniteSpeech

    @ Drew-So right sir very true words indeed lol

    @ Rey-Hope to see more of your work sir!

  21. Greg Hess

    Iva is not old or scary, she is a cool chick for sure, I don’t know what you saw get a better look man!

  22. komeda

    God you guys–what is it with some people and their compulsion towards negativity? I met Andrea last night and she seemed like a pretty cool lady, and she IS pretty. And tall, Wow. Ive never read her comics but she’s just out there doin’ her thing and making things HAPPEN for HERSELF (which is what all truly inspired, motivated people will do) rather than sittin in front of a computer on Friday nights strokin’ to fictitious anime chicks…and btw, Rey Arzeno is an AWESOME artist and perhaps his new artwork will gain her comics more attention. I work with Rey and I know his artwork firsthand. Leave off with the pointless negativity.

  23. infinite speech

    So did anyone check out the show?

    Oh and to clear up a few thing I think there is some confusion here. Looking at the posts again It seems that the comments about looks were not directed at the gorgeous and TALL (always a plus!) Andrea Grant but disrespectfully towards Iva after a fan of hers posted a link to her site. Regardless it’s petty and ignorant but just thought I’d clear that up

    and Billy I’ll have a glass of bath water myself! 🙂

  24. jason

    No I was talking about Andrea,Minx. Who cares now, Iva is mad. I am sorry I guess.

  25. jason

    I was talking about Andrea also. She is Tall but not proportional. No neck, short waist, long nose, arm and legs,and super big feet! Even G4 tried to only show bits and small parts of her at a time as not to show her all at once. She must be aware that she can not have a photo taken head on, she always tries to get a side down shot of her face. She models stiff and awkward. You have all proved my point, that no one reads her stuff, and no one said the art work was bad in any of her other comics, I said she can not write, and that is true!

  26. sasha

    I am Jasons girlfriend and we will stop this now!

  27. Devlin

    Happy new year, ignore them and they will go away!

  28. Kanoely

    I checked out the show and it was Great. Very excited for you and Rey Andrea, and I think your one of the most beautiful women i ever met.
    Keep up the great work. Cant wait to read the new book.

  29. billy

    @Speech-LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 29 comments and climbing. Speaking of climbing on top of something…

  30. So Kanoely checked out the show…anyone else?

  31. infinite speech

    @ Andy-Yep it was pretty good

  32. […] Biggers provides the art and Andrea Grant pens the script. Here at, we recently plugged an appearance by Andrea on the G4 show Women of the Web 2. She is the founder of Copious Amounts Press and […]

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