December 28, 2009

Wolverine Origins to End!?!

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Written by: Billy
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According to an interview with CBR, writer Daniel Way has confirmed that after a new arc starts in March, Wolverine Origins will come to a close. In the interview, Way was quoted as saying about the current and next arc titled “Reckoning” that “with the Muramasa Blade involved, that could very well be Wolverine’s last battle.” This next arc will also cross-over with the current Dark Wolverine title and include Daken and Romulus as the major players.


This really shouldn’t shock anybody who keeps up with the Marvel U. Wolverine has been seen in more titles than black ink these days so something had to give. I honestly will miss this title though because I’ve been collecting it from the get go and have enjoyed it as an entire work. Hopefully the Wolverine Weapon X series will keep going and Wolverine can just go back to his main title that Daken took over when Dark┬áReign started.

Billy Dunleavy