September 11, 2009

North 40 #1 and #2 Review

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north40North 40 from Wildstorm is a creepy, funny, thrill ride! I have nothing but good things to say about this comic!

Writer: Aaron Williams has done a wonderful job of drawing me in and making sure I would follow this mini series all the way to the end.

Artist: Fiona Staples’ artwork is awesome and truly clinches the general feel of the series.

The story takes place in a sleepy Texas county where things get interesting fast when the entire county falls asleep to awaken the next day to find their neighbors, friends, and themselves changed! I don’t want to go into too much detail but if you have ever read any H.P. Lovecraft then you could probably imagine where the plot goes. There seems to be some people left unaffected, some are affected but still look normal, and some poor souls who no longer even look human. There is a lot of confusion amongst the townsfolk, and in the local diner the owner bites the head off of an unruly customer!

All of that and more in issue #1, and the story just gets better in the next issue. In Issue #2 the Sheriff is trying to maintain order and get a handle on what exactly has happened. It’s beginning to look like the Sheriff  is in for some tough times ahead, but luckily he isn’t alone and has some new allies on his side; like a waitress with amazing mental abilities, and a young man who appears to be invulnerable and possess great strength!

This series is only in its second issue and I’m already hooked! I will be keeping this series on my pull list through to its conclusion. If you are a master of the macabre like me, or just want an amazing great read, pick this title up.

Scott Andrews



  1. I don’t know why, but the cover makes me think of the movie ‘Tremors.’

  2. billy

    Sounds like a very interesting concept.

  3. The Movie Lady

    It’s always the sleepy towns… I wonder if the people who’ve changed or not changed, or who look different or don’t will start forming clicks or turn on each other.

  4. Kelly

    Sounds like the whole town hit puberty overnight. Thanks for the heads up on this, Scott!

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