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August 13, 2017

Character Spotlight: Domino

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Being born lucky doesn’t necessarily  mean you lead a charmed life. Domino is a perfect example, a mutant mercenary with luck-based powers who hasn’t had the easiest life. Even before she was born, the odds were stacked against her. So who is Domino and where did she come from? Let’s find out!

Neena was born in a government facility where mutant eugenics was being performed in top secret. Neena was designed to be the perfect weapon but her power to alter luck was deemed unfit. Even though she was the only child to survive the program, she was to be terminated. Her mother, Beatrix, snuck her out and gave her to be raised by Father Boschelli and his church. When she was old enough, Neena left to become a mercenary.

Working for the NSA, Neena would be the bodyguard for Dr. Milo Thurman. The two fell in love and would be married. Neena was now a Thurman as well and would do her best to keep her husband safe. He’d call her Domino due to her power and being the right one to save him. Sadly, the facility they were staying that was destroyed, causing the two to believe the other was dead.

Neena would go on to make her own mercenary team, the Six Pack. She’d meet Cable through this group and the two would begin a long connection with one another. Where one would go, the other would often follow, so when Cable would be ask to lead the New Mutants, Neena would join him as his second in command. Neena would be kidnapped and replaced with an impostor which Cable and the New Mutants picked up rather quickly and went to rescue her.

Working on freeing herself, she’d end up meeting Cable halfway and then use the information she’d gathered while imprisoned to find the missing X-Force. Once she’d find them, she would join them along with Cable. Leading the team was Cable wasn’t available, she’d stay for most of the team’s existence. During this time she’d have to take down one of her former Six Pack members which hurt even her mercantile heart.

X-Force disbanded and Neena quickly joined the X-Corporation’s Hong Kong branch where she’d rescue several mutants from the deadly U-Men, an organization who harvested mutant body parts in hopes of gaining powers themselves. She’d eventually go on her own and decided to seek out her mother. What she’d find was that she had a half-brother named Lazarus with powerful emotion control abilities who was also part of the same government project she was. Not only that, but her mother was leading the organization to eliminate her brother before he could reach his dangerous, full potential. Choosing her brother, she’d shoot her mother and help her brother to escape to Father Boschelli.

S.H.I.E.L.D. would reunite Neena with the Six Pack and they’d be tasked with taking down Cable but she’d soon defect from the team to join Cable and Deadpool. Assassinating a dictator, Neena would feel betrayed to learn Cable was using this to help him take over the country. She’d try to kill Cable herself, believing he’d destroy the country but end up leaving jn disgust.

Returning to the U.S. during the Superhero Civil War, she’d  rejoin X-Force to help release half of the 198 remaining mutants on Earth since Scarlet Witch depleted their numbers. She’d reconcile her friendship with Cable on for him to end up trapped on a sinking island and presumed dead. Wolverine begins working more with X-Force and Neena works as his second often. This would lead to more and more work for X-Men teammates, such as Storm and even moving to Utopia for a time. She has been leading the Mercy for Money team as of late, which seems like a redundant name.

There you have it! Domino has come into the limelight thanks to her reveal of being in the next Deadpool movie. This is her first for Ray onto the big screen and could lead to many more. She’ll even get to work with Cable from the looks of it. See you next time!

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Dr. Bustos


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  1. Iron_Matt

    I never liked that whole Copycat twist honestly but loved her in X-Force

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