August 1, 2017

Prince Lotor Makes His Debut In New ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Season 3 Trailer!

Voltron: Legendary Defender will be returning to Netflix soon and today we get a peek at what’s in store for the third season! If you’re caught up then you already know that things ended on a rough note for the paladins with Shiro missing which also means they’ll be unable to form Voltron without the Black Lion. Oh, and Haggar has sent for Prince Lotor after his father, Zarkon, was defeated!

We get a look at Lotor who seems to be more than a capable foe for the Voltron Force who might have to admit some harsh truths in Shiro’s absence. Unable to form Voltron they have to come up with new ways and adapt or be defeated by this new adversary intent on destroying them.

If you haven’t started yet, there’s still time to catch up on Voltron: Legendary Defender before the debut of season three on August 4th!


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