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August 1, 2017

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 07/26/17

Flash #27
Publisher: DC
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist(s): Paul Pelletier & Howard Porter
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Cover: Carmine Di Giandomenico

After beating down Batman you’d think Reverse Flash would be satisfied but he’s back to ruining the life of his idol, Barry Allen. He’s broken Kid Flash, revealed Barry’s secret to Iris, and brought them to the 25th century and it’s been one nonstop fight from the start. Now Williamson brings it all to a close in this issue where he goes deeper into the rivalry between the two speedsters. It’s a big finish and Williamson takes us deeper into Reverse Flash’s obsession with Flash which provides dialogue that cuts straight to the bone between the two. Pelletier and Porter give us some awesome visual moments as the speedsters fight through time and aren’t holding back. Flash’s new connection to the negative speed force also adds a new visual touch to the character and helps with the fight’s intensity. By the time it’s all over Williamson reminds you that he’s not here for a happy ending bu it’s definitely a good one! 3.5/5

Teen Titans #10
Publisher: DC
Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist(s): Khoi Pham & Pop Mhan
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Cover: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, & Jim Charalampidis

Aqualad and Black Manta meet for the first time and it goes as well as you’d expect. Percy reveals that Aqualad may not even be the true target of his quest but in order to save his mom’s life he volunteers to leave with Black Manta. Percy also shows us that the cracks in Damian’s leadership are getting bigger and the rest of the team has their way of expressing that to him.

There’s some much needed character development going on here as Percy delves into the Aqualad/Black Manta relationship. He shows a cruelty in Manta even as Jackson (Aqualad) attempts to make a connection with his father. We also see what might be the emergence of Starfire as team leader. She hasn’t had much to offer since the series began but this issue puts her in a role that many are used to seeing her in and it fits perfectly. The visuals are split between Pham and Mhan and they make sure that everything moves along a smooth pace while looking good. Beast Boy’s expressions are perfect as he’s throwing insults and shade towards Robin and the action sequences are pretty strong as well.

Between Aqualad and Black Manta’s meeting and the Teen Titans possibly benefitting from a change in leadership I’ll be here to see how it all ends! 3/5

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