July 14, 2017

Lion Forge Reviews: Accell #2

Accell #2
Publisher: Lion Forge
Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Damion Scott
Colorist: Sigmund Torre
Cover: Damion Scott, Robert Campanella, & Sigmund Torre

We get some time alone with Catalyst Prime’s resident speedster as writer Joe Casey takes us on an exploration of Danny’s new powers to see what he’s capable of. This is a much different issue from the first which was pure superhero action from start to finish. Now we see more of what makes Danny tick and it’s refreshing to see that Casey is really making him an everyman who just happened to get these powers. The fact that he’s not some brilliant scientist and just barely able to grasp any of this makes for an enjoyable story as we take this trip with Danny. We’re also introduced to another character who lays some prophetic words on our protagonist before things get really wild here. There’s also an interesting take on his powers and how they work which helps to make Accell stand apart from other speedsters in comics. Casey hints that it’s not just about speed with his powers but something else that we’ll have to wait and find out.

Remember when I said that things get wild in this story? Well that’s putting it mild as the art team here takes you on a visual physchedelic trip. Scott’s style is energetic and adds something different to how the speed is represented here. Sigmund Torre’s colors enhance everything making one of my favorite panels being Danny tumbling out of his own mouth. There’s a strong body of work here and the synergy between the narrative and visuals is what really makes this worthwhile. As great as everything looks in this issue there are certain points where much of the action is a bit too chaotic and you might have to go back over the panels a few times. Since the art looks as good as it does it might not be a bad thing for some but you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Accell is definitely worth picking up if you’re looking to start a new series and get in on the ground floor. This creative team looks like they’re prepping us for one crazy ride with Danny and the mysteries behind his powers so I’m here to see what’s coming.


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