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July 9, 2017

Character Spotlight: The Vulture

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Flying into theaters for the first time. He’s one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes and I mean that in every sense of the word “old.” He’s the Vulture! How does someone get such advanced technology? Why choose a life of crime once you have this tech? Let’s find out!

Adrian Toomes was considered brilliant at a young age, he’d go on to become an electrical engineer and with business partner Gregory Bestman, an inventor. The two would start a company but Bestman wasembezzling funds and kicked Adrian out. This happened at the same time Adrian had made a winged harness for flight as his latest invention. He’d find that the harness greatly enhanced his strength and would use it to steal back his money and then some from Bestman. Finding he loved the thrill of his high-flying burglarly, Adrian would start his life as a career super criminal, The Vulture!

Soon, Adrian was learning he wasn’t the only super-powered person out there with a creature theme. Unfortunately for him, this guy wasnt also a criminal, this Spider-Man was some kind of hero. Adrian found himself locked up soon after their first encounter. Adrian would get out of lock up time and time again. Often coming to blows with Spider-Man and getting thrown back into prison.

Turns out, Adrian wasn’t the only person who was having this problem with Spider-Man so it made sense to team up with others and form the Sinister Six. Their goal was simple, destroy Spider-Man so they could commit their crimes in relative peace and enjoy their ill-gotten gains. Surprisingly, this didn’t work out and they’d all be defeated.

Since Adrian’s Vulture persona was well known to be his use of his flying harness, it was only a matter of time before some one else tried to take it from him. Cellmate Raniero Drago would set up an industrial “accident” to injure Adrian badly enough that he’d tell Drago where to find the Vulture harness so he could finish his vengeance against Spider-Man for Adrian. Upon recovering from his injuries, Adrian would go after Drago to show who was the one, true Vulture and take out his vengeance upon Spider-Man himself. One of those two things happened, Spider-Man is still out there swinging around to help you guess.

Due to his old age, Adrian would find himself dealing with all manner of illness. He’d find himself making friends with Nathan Lubensky, a man who was also sick and dating May Parker. This would also mean that Adrian was connected to May Parker, aunt of Peter Parker, Spider-Man. It was because of Adrian’s greed that he’d be the indirect cause of Nathan suffering a heart attack from his fear of heights from trying to stop Adrian from kidnapping May as a hostage. Adrian would feel guilty for his criminal ways causing such a horrific event for many years.

During the Superhero Civil War, Adrian would be used by SHIELD to target Spider-Man once he went rogue on them. During their fight, Adrian would suffer a stroke and Spider-Man would rush him to the hospital. Hating himself for being so weak, he’d request Spider-Man kill him, Parker would half-heartedly try by smothering him with a pillow but stopped when Adrian fought back. This would prove to Adrian that he really did want to live and he’d recover until he could enter back into the criminal life.

Deciding he could do with some work from behind the scenes, Adrian would build more Vulture harnesses so he could have a gang, or flock, of his own. He’d use them as a threat against civilian and fellow crime gang alike, gaining a fearful reputation once more. The Sinister Six would rise again with Adrian amongst their ranks. Learning that Sam Wilson was now Captain America, Adrian would attempt to take on the name of Falcon.

There you have it! Adrian Toomes is making his debut on the silver screen in the latest Spider-Man film. He’s appeared in many of the animated series in some form or another, even as a birdboy teen instead of a geared up old man. What’s next for the winged criminal? We’ll have to wait and see! Until next time!

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