June 13, 2017

Marvel Reviews: Iron Fist #4

Iron Fist #4
Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Ed Brisson
Artist: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Andy Troy
Cover: Jeff Dekal

So we’re four issues in on the new Iron Fist series and Ed Brisson has been steadily making each issue better than the last. He’s given Danny a path and purpose again and it’s one that’s very different than what we saw in the previous series. However, a major reveal there has carried over to here and kicked off one of the reasons Danny is in his current situation. Add to that him being framed for murder and having to defeat several more martial arts masters kind of ensures that he’s having the worst week ever.

There’s an old school kung-fu vibe here that is easy to enjoy and allows Brisson to introduce some new characters into the Iron Fist mythos. One of those is The Rabbit of Holy Flame who is one of the more honorable opponents facing Danny but he’s still a force to be reckoned with. So don’t underestimate the guy just because he’s got prosthetic legs and a nice demeanor. We also get to see more of the connection between K’un-Lun and Liu-Shi and it’s all wrapped up in some exciting dialogue and intense martial arts action.

Perkins and Troy are one hell of an art team on here and they bring something strong to the table in terms of visual storytelling. Perkins has a style that is gritty and displays how visceral things can get during the action sequences. He delivers consistently strong fight scenes and when Troy’s colors help give everything a dark and dirty look that’s just too damn cool.

When this series was announced I sneered and side eyed at first but the creative team has been delivering some quality Iron Fist work so far. If you’re a fan of the character then I suggest checking out the new direction he’s going in.

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