June 11, 2017

Character Spotlight: Deku

If you could have any superpower, what would it be? What if you lived in a ¬†world where 80% of the population were born with a superpower, a Quirk, and then found out, you didn’t have one? Izuku Midoriya was in that tough spot which made being a superhero all that much tougher a career to have. So how did he go from Quirkless to being one of the most promising students at U.A. High, Japan’s best school for Hero certification? Let’s find out!

Izuku Midoriya is a 5th generation child born in a post-Quirk world. His father could breathe fire and his mother can move small objects with her mind. Unlike his parents, Izuku didn’t seem to have a Quirk, it crushed his mother since she knew her little boy wanted nothing more than to be a Hero. To help the world maintain order, exceptional people with their Quirks became like characters out of a comic book page, Heroes. Izuku looked up to the greatest Hero of the age, All Might, the Symbol of Peace and a pillar of the country. A super fan of the highest order, Izuku spent his days daydreaming of being like All Might and writing down all the data he collectef in his notebooks about every Hero and Quirk he came across.

Being Quirkless made Izuku a target to the meaner kids in his class, none worse than his former friend Katsuki. Once Katsuki developed his Quirk of explosions, he’d begin to bully Izuku constantly, especially when he learned he had no Quirk of his own. Katsuki would start to call him “Deku” which meant “good for nothing” all the while, Izuku would try and be a good person to Katsuki as he still admired him for his powerful Quirk and skills.

When time came for Izuku to attend high school, he’d still had his sights set on U.A. the best school in all of Japan for Hero training and certification. The best and brightest Heroes, including All Might himself, went to U.A. but no Quirkless had ever attended before. Izuku was dead set on doing so until he came across a Villain who had the Quirk of being a slime monster, the creature was going to take over his body when All Might arrived to save Izuko. In awe, Izuku began latched on to All Might as he leapt away to take the Villain into custody. Izuku would see something few in the world had, All Might’s true form as a frail and sickly man. Injured badly several years prior, All Might could now only use his powers a few hours a day and Izuku had caught him toward the tail end of his daily allotment. He’d ask All Might if it were possible to be a Hero even without a Quirk, to which All Might suggested he become a police officer instead and took off.

Unfortunately, when Izuku latched on to All Might, the Villain had fallen out of his grasp and landed near Katsuki on his way home from school. The Villain would begin fighting with Katsuki who struggled to stay alive while nearby Heroes arrived on the scene to try and help. Both Izuku and All Might would see the commotion, All might was frustrated that he’d run out of power to fight the thing again, meanwhile, Izuku ran in to try and fight the creature and save Katsuki without even thinking. Amazed and impressed with Izuku’s bravery when other Heroes had to step back due to being overwhelmed, All Might pushed beyond his limits to save them both and stop the Villain once more.


All Might would seek out Izuku and explain that his Quirk, One for All, had a special quality nearly no other Quirk had, the power to be transferred to another. Not only this, but that All Might had been looking for a successor and found one, Izuko. The caveat being that Izuku had to train his body just to survive the process of the transfer or risk dying from the power overwhelming him. Months of training in heavy lifting among other trainings, Izuku was made ready to take on the power of One for All. Too bad it was just hours before the Entrance Exams for U.A. so he didn’t get to even practice with it first.


During his entry exam, Izuku would be the only student to destroy a giant robot that was meant to be so overwhelming for the potential new year applicants, they were suggested to just avoid it. Problem being, by doing so, he’d broken both his legs and one of his arms due to the power of One for All being too much for him and this time. He’d rescued a fellow applicant, Ochako, which would get him the required points to get into the school. Now a student at U.A. High, Izuku would begin the three year process of becoming a certified Hero and learning to master One for All. All Might would be on hand as U.A.’s newest instructor to help izuko along the way.

Izuku’s class would be in that weird transition as the end of one era and the start of a new one began. Villains and crime in general was at an all time low just by the mere presence of All Might but change was in the wind, as if someone horrible knew of All Mignt’s secret. Now, Izuku and his classmates must learn to be Heroes faster and better than any generation before them. All the while, Izuku must also learn to control his powers before they permanently injure or kill him by merely being used. All of Japan, if not the whole world, have their eyes on Izuku and his classmates, for good and ill.

There you have it! There’s much more to Izuku’s story but that’d involved getting into more spoilers and the series is only a few years old and still ongoing. You can catch Izuku and his adventure in My Hero Academia both as an anime and as a manga. If you want to know what happens after he gets into school, you gotta go check the show out on Crunchyroll or pick up a couple of volumes of the manga which is way ahead of the anime. See you next time!

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