June 8, 2017

Top Cow Reviews: Romulus #4

Romulus #4
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Bryan Edward Hill
Artist: Nelson Blake II
Colorist: Nelson Blake II & Kevin Lennertz
Cover: Nelson Blake II

I didn’t realize how much I missed Romulus until this  was finally in front of me! It’s been a minute between issues but now we’re right back in the thick of it with this cerebral action comic that refuses to be anything but entertaining.

This issue closes out the first arc and whatever momentum that was lost during the title’s absence is quickly regained just several pages in. A testament to Hill’s writing and character development as we see Ash about to enter the enemy lair and attempt a rescue. She has a laser-like focus that gives her so much of a badass appeal while her enemy is just as determined but there’s an aura about her that lets you know she is NOT to be taken lightly. So don’t let the business suit fool you. Hill makes reading their interactions just as intense as the action sequences with Ash and Achilles. Their fights have become expected, much like a mini-boss in a video game showing up to beat you down for a while before making an abrupt exit while on your way to the big boss. Though this one plays out a little different than the previous encounters and Hill once again adds another layer to Ash once it’s all over. We get a little more time with the supporting characters as we’re taken on an emotional roller coaster regarding Nicholas. The guy delivers a serious head scratching moment and I might have yelled at the page after reading his response to Ash.

As far as the art is concerned, Blake has been on fire since the first issue so there’s no reason to think anything would be different here. He enhances the intensity between Reagan and Ash then delivers one hell of a fight sequence between her and Achilles. Though I was enjoying the faceless killer aspect of Achilles’ character design there was a little disappointment during a small reveal after the fight. However that’s just a personal preference of mine and not necessarily a slight to the book. The colors by Blake and Lennertz are amazing and continue to enhance the visuals and mood. These two also deliver a great 8 panel sequence where Ash changes the momentum of the fight after she silently tells Achilles to bring it!

The cliffhanger is huge and ends the first arc on a high note that is going to make waiting for the next issue quite difficult. So after it’s all said and done there’s many new titles you should be reading and Romulus definitely is one of them.

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  1. klue

    I’ve read the first 2 issues and I’m still on the fence about it but I’ll see how this thing ends before I decide if I’m staying on or not. Nice review though

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