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June 1, 2017

Movie Multiverse: Logan

In this film, Wolverine…actually let me stop there. He is no longer going by the name Wolverine. He is a man now, an old man, he is old man Logan.

 Logan is directed by James Mangold (The Wolverine). It’s set in the future, where mutants are very rare in society. In the future, where a weary, old, depressed, Logan (Hugh Jackman) takes care of an ill Professor X (Patrick Stewart) in Mexico. Logan wants to hide from the world, until a young mutant arrives. A young mutant that is wanted by Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook). This young mutant, Laura a.k.a X -23 (Dafne Keen) is the daughter of Logan. The professor and Logan want to get X -23 to a safe haven for mutants called Eden, before Pierce gets a hold of her, and uses her for a dark plan.

Hugh Jackman has also stated that this is his last portrayal, his last stand as the iconic comic book character Wolverine. Which for me, he will always be Wolverine. He can sing and tap-dance all he wants on Broadway. I’ll be that one guy in the crowd yelling, “Bring out the claws, bub!”

Now you have 20th Century Fox taking a huge risk with not only this character, but with this franchise as well. If you are thinking that you are getting another comic book movie that follows the same pattern as the others. Believe me, you are getting something new and refreshing in the superhero/comic book genre. This is something the genre has been needing for a long time.

One of the many problems people, including myself, had with the last X–Men movie, X–Men: Apocalypse, was it was more of the same. I did enjoy that movie; on the other hand, I do believe it is one of the weaker films in the series.

Mainly because it is the whole generic bad guy, and the good guys will win. When the most exciting thing about an X–Men film is Olivia Munn jumping into the air, and slicing a car in half with her swords, I think you may have a problem.

I also feel like this film is even telling the audience on screen that this is not a typical superhero film. In the film, Logan picks up an X–Men comic book, he talks about how this comic book isn’t like us, and it didn’t happen like this.

In this world, even though he is Wolverine, everything that made him Wolverine is fading away. These films usually deal with mutants. However, this is the most human movie in the history of the series. This film pulls back on budget, GGI, and really gives the best character driven film in the franchise.

This is honestly the most depressing film in the series. It’s almost like this film doesn’t even like their main character. It’s sad to see what Wolverine has come to. He saved the world, has traveled back in time, and has been a hero for humans and mutants. Now he is miserable, sick, has thoughts of suicide, he is dirty, and he has a job as a limousine driver, driving teenagers to prom.

It’s like calling an Uber one day, and a rusty old car comes pulling in and it’s a big name celebrity. “So Idris, are you researching a character for a future role as an Uber driver?” Idris, “Yeah, I’m researching on Google Maps where you need to go!”

Accordingly, this movie is Rated R with a purpose. It isn’t Rated R to show you more guts, more blood, more profanity and more nudity. It’s not like the “Rated R” version of Batman v Superman. Where Batman drops an F–bomb just because. To me that is not really being edgy or taking a chance. Taking a chance is making a project Rated R to challenge the characters morals, have character development, and go in a new direction for a story. Which this film does wonderfully.

This movie is more of a drama, but this movie has a lot of action to. When Wolverine goes berserk, I’m telling you, that son of a b*tch goes berserk, buck wild, and he loses his mind!

Claws exit out of people’s faces, skulls, and this is the most brutal I’ve seen Wolverine. X – 23 is also a real hardcore bad ass as well. Sometimes she out shines Wolverine in the fight scenes.

She is only eleven in the movie, but she is a great actress. Most of the time she stays quiet. She has to show us her feelings through facial expressions, which she captures those emotions very well. When she does speak, both English and Spanish, you can tell she is delivering her lines with passion. She has so much emotional weight to carry, and for this little girl it seems like the weight wasn’t too heavy. She also has some funny scenes as well.

Is this Movie an Adaptation of the Old Man Logan Comic Series?

No. I love the Old Man Logan comics that Mark Millar (Wanted, Kick – Ass) created. If you are coming into the movie thinking you are getting that comic in a movie, unfortunately you aren’t.

The only similarity between the comic book and this movie is that Wolverine is old.

I do believe the villain is a little weak, and when the villain creates someone with Wolverine likeness to fight off against the real Wolverine, I feel like that was a little flat. Personally, I would have liked to see Sabertooth come back.

The movie has well developed characters, it’s a change in the genre, it’s action packed, funny, and it’s a perfect send off for Jackman. Thank you Hugh. I believe Logan earns a…

8.5 out of 10!

So those are my thoughts on the new film Logan. Also, what is your favorite X – Men film, and what are some of your favorite R Rated superhero films? Some of my favorite R Rated comic book movies are Kick –Ass, Sin City, Dredd, Blade, Kingsman, 30 Days of Night, and Watchmen.

That being said, thank you all for reading and or viewing, and I hope you all have an Xcellent day as always. 🙂

Nile Fortner



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