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June 2, 2017

Image Reviews: Horizon #11

Horizon #11
Publisher: Image
Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Juan Gedeon
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Cover: Jason Howard

Brandon Thomas gave no warning that this would be a game changing issue but after it’s over you’ll have no choice but to side-eye Zhia. Then question if she’s carrying out this mission just for selfish reasons or is she actually focused on the greater good? Let’s just say that if Horizon was a television show I’d be yelling at the screen and calling Zhia names by now.

Once again the poop has hit the fan and things are getting messy. Thomas has taken it to the next level and exposes that dark past of planet Valius and actions taken to solidify their continued existence. It’s a bit of a head scratcher because it definitely makes it hard to completely be on their side in all of this and this. This story also gives the spotlight to Coza who has been this little character in the background making sure that things get done. Thomas puts her at the forefront here and she drops more bodies than Iko Uwais does in The Raid! She also does it while delivering some of the coldest in-fight dialogue! you’ve ever seen. However, when you see the cost of all of that it’s another hit in the gut thanks to some stellar writing from Thomas. 

We’ve been praising the art of Gedeon and Spicer for the last several issues and they continue to dazzle with the ebb and flow of some great visual storytelling. Gedeon syncs with the narrative and builds suspense then swings over to some emotional gut wrenching panels all before and during some of the best action sequences in comics. He shows you just how lethal Coza is with her hands, feet, elbows, and that you shouldn’t want an exchange anytime soon. Also hats off to Letterer Rus Wooten, who helped make you feel the impact of the fight in every single panel.

There’s several levels to Horizon with something new in every issue. And now that several things are in the grey area Thomas has made this an even more interesting story that is quite unpredictable. We’re getting solid characters, an engaging story, some questionable decisions, and eye popping artwork on a consistent basis! The next issue can’t get here soon enough and thanks to this creative team it’s another reason why sci-fi is so damn good!


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