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May 24, 2017

Spider-Man Gets Upgrades and More Vulture In The Latest Intertantional ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Trailer

The latest Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer looks at the perks of having Tony front the tech for your new suit with webbing upgrades and even a parachute! There’s even more but Peter’s not allowed to access it…yet!

There’s not much new here but some of the newer scenes involve more Zendaya and finally we get a line from Donald Glover. Still no hints to who he’s playing but it’s good that some things are left to discover by watching the film.

For those of you who did want more new footage then you’ll enjoy the international trailer which goes deeper into the motivations of Adrian Tooms aka Vulture. We see how the past Avengers movies tie into this one

The international trailer is a bit darker and probably what we should be seeing on TV here in the States but whichever you like more get ready to see Spider-Man: Homecoming in theaters July 7th!


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